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5 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About LED Lights

LED lights have made their mark in the world. We all know how beneficial they are and how they’ve taken the world of light sources by storm. LED is everywhere: from your home to your car to your office, you name it and LED would be there. The number of people choosing to use LED for illuminating their homes is increasing day by day, and the most important reason for this would be the fact that LED lights are highly cost friendly. So to give you more reasons why you should opt for LED lights, here are a few things you wouldn’t have known about them.

5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About LED Lights

1. No Bugs

You might have put up fluorescent or incandescent lights on your porch and invited more than appreciated bugs and flies buzzing around and irritating you and your family, but with LED lights there is no such risk. Find such soft glow LED lights on LEDOutfitters and your porch will not only have ample amount of light from a safe source, but there will be no bugs and no disturbance as you enjoy your hot chocolate out with your family and friends. Now, isn’t that more than enough criteria to opt for LED instead of other sources?

2. No Mercury

There is absolutely no mercury content in LED lights, and most LED sources are open to being recycled. CFLs and halogens contain a large amount of mercury, and not only that, they have no scope of recycling, and produce a big amount of electronic waste that is harmful to the environment. LED lights, on the other hand, create next to no waste and they are extremely eco-friendly to use. With the ton of waste that CFLs create, compared to that, LED produces absolutely none. LED lights have a relatively longer life compared to other sources of illumination.

3. Instant On

The cool thing about LED lights is that unlike other light sources like halogens and fluorescent lights, LED lights illuminate immediately the moment they are switched on. They can be frequently switched on and off without having to worry about the fact that they might lose their power. CFLs, halogens and/or fluorescent lights do not have that kind of freedom, and usually lose their lamp power with frequent on and off patterns. LED lamps are cool when touched (during replacement) unlike other sources of light that become heated instantly.

4. Damage Free

LED lamps are hardly ever prone to any sort of damage. You might drop a lamp while changing it (which itself is less often than other light sources usually) and it wouldn’t break as easily as a fluorescent light bulb or an incandescent light would. Also since LED lights and lamps do not contain any mercury, there is no way that in case of them breaking (a rare occurrence) it wouldn’t be harmful to anyone around. The same cannot be said for a CFL or an incandescent lamp, which contain mercury and would cause serious health problems.

5. Invention and Upgrades

Nick Holonyak Jr. invented the full visible spectrum LED lights in the year 1962 while he was working for GE. He is known as the father of the visible LED lights. The blue LED lights were invented by Shuji Nakamura in the year 1994. As an award for this great invention, Nakamura received around $8,100,200 from Japan. Nick Holonyak Jr. was also awarded the $500,000 Japan Prize for the invention of light emitting diodes.

Now that you know how great LED lights really are, we’re sure you’d be rushing to purchase your set right away! And rest assured, they certainly will be worth the amount you spend on them.