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5 Social Media Myths That Ruin Business Results

5 Social Media Myths That Ruin Business Results

According to statistics from the end of 2016, about 2.8 billion people were using at least some form of social networking. This year’s survey claims that about 56 percent of online adults use more than one platform, while it is estimated that the teenage population spends even more time online. This is why most businesses choose social media as one of their primary outreach tools. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge of the basic mechanics of this industry can cripple your marketing efforts quite severely.

Vanity metrics are unimportant

One of the most widely known social media myths is that vanity metrics (likes, shares and views) are unimportant. Sure, actionable metrics like conversions may be more vital to your company’s success, but calling shares unimportant is incredibly shortsighted. Even though these numbers don’t necessarily relate to your sales or your company’s overall success, views and likes make your content look more credible, while shares boost your reach. In other words, creating likable and shareable content is definitely an idea which deserves to become a priority.

It’s a one-way communication medium

Unlike radio or television, social media is not a broadcast media. Even streaming services which are the most closely comparable to the above-mentioned examples always have a real-time feed, allowing viewers to communicate directly to the streamer. This being said, you need to keep in mind that social media is based on the good old principle of a two-way communication channel. Overlooking the pleas of your viewers will, therefore, be seen as ignoring them, which might give a boost to their antagonism towards your brand.

Your content doesn’t need babysitting

Another ridiculous claim is that once it’s out there, your content is more or less set in stone. Even if this were true, there are so many ways to follow-up on unexpectedly successful content or try to remedy a controversial piece. Nonetheless, in order to recognize the need for either of these two courses of action, you need to undertake an extensive process of media monitoring. In other words, once your content is out there, its journey has only just begun, and you need to make sure it reaches its destination by following it every step of the way.

It’s all about new customers

Although it is true that you can gain some new customers through social media, this is not the primary purpose of social media marketing. Keep in mind that you still have a responsibility towards your old customers, which is why your content needs to have a heavy emphasis on brand consistency. Apart from this, it might also be used as a potent tool for generating return-business.

Social media marketing is free

Finally, one of the greatest misconceptions out there is that social media marketing is free. Social media use is free, social media marketing is not. Sure, with the right strategy and a skilled professional on your side, you can more than get your money’s worth, but regardless if you are planning a Facebook, Twitter or even a LinkedIn campaign, you will have to make an investment. This is where a lot of businesses stumble, seeing as they can’t comprehend why they should pay for something they believe they could get for free.


The greatest problem surrounding these myths lies in the fact that they are so deeply rooted in the minds of people that it feels simply impossible to shake them off. Still, managing to achieve this disillusionment might turn out to be incredibly lucrative for your business and give you some outstanding results. The first step on this journey of a thousand miles, however, lies in admitting that what you thought you knew about social media marketing may not be true after all.

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