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6 Tips For Choosing A Good Domain Name

6 Tips For Choosing A Good Domain Name

With literally millions of domain names already claimed by the general public, it can be difficult to come up with something fresh and unique. Here are just six tips for creating a URL that will distinguish you from all the rest. You can take help from professionals as Professional team of portal development joins information access and content allocation with teamwork, workflow organization and social network system.

Make a list of nouns, verbs and adjectives that you’d like associated with your brand. For example, your shoe company might have a list that includes “footwear,” “feet,” “sneakers,” “heels” and “romantic evenings.” Once you have plenty of words to play with, put them in different combinations until you find a domain name that speaks to you.

Most people choose .com or .net, but you also have the option of .club, .guru or even .pizza. Just remember that a domain name serves as the first impression of your site, so if you want to send a message of professionalism and high standards, you should probably skip .party.

Only monoliths like Amazon can get away with a domain name that has nothing to do with their actual services. As a burgeouning website, you should stick with something obvious that clearly explains who you are and what you do. If you’re an HVAC repair company, your name should be BobsHeating. If you sell perfumes, FancyFragrances has a nice ring to it.

When people only half-remember your web address from a commercial they saw several days ago, it helps if your domain doesn’t have any deliberate misspellings. The man on the street is never going to assume that your kitchen corner is actually spelled KitchenKorner. The same goes for numbers: Do they type seven, 7 or se7en?

As previously mentioned, not every URL is up for grabs. If you want to avoid lawsuits, run your chosen domain name through a copyright checker to make sure that no one else has a claim on the phrase. You’d be surprised at what some people have already taken.

Long addresses are no one’s friend, so try to keep it short and sweet. The smaller your domain, the less likely it is to be misspelled, misremembered and mistyped. Short domains help both the visitor and the web owner.

These are just six tips for choosing a domain name. Whether you’re launching your own business or just moving your video game blog to a more stable platform, the right URL is critical to your future success.

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