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9 Tips To Improve Your Ecommerce Website

9 Tips To Improve Your Ecommerce Website

It sounds great to have an eCommerce website of your own. Even if you have a real store, having an eCommerce website won’t hurt your store but will attract more.

Having an online store is not hard today. You find the best eCommerce development company, you talk to them and they will develop an online store, good enough to help you make your business grow. But it can be a challenging thing to keep your eCommerce website popular both among the users and the search engines.

With the changing trend, even your online store needs to show some flexibility. With the help of an eCommerce development company, you can improve your online store.

How to get the best out of your online store?

Add Professional Images and Photos

If not millions, definitely thousands of online stores are on the web. And you will be seeing repeated images or photos on many eCommerce stores. Users get bored of the same. Try something new, something detailed. Try things like:

  • Use white or neutral background colors for your products
  • Take high resolution images
  • Add clear images/photos
  • If you are a clothing store, a low budget modelling show can be more viable. This gives users the idea how they would appear in that particular dress. This encourages the user to buy that piece of cloth
  • Take shots from different angles
  • Highlight the details, to help the users in buying that dress
  • And most importantly add real product photos

Images say more than words, so focus more on product photos.

Be More Specific by Adding Videos

Not many eCommerce websites compliment videos. It is easy to add images. And many will just copy images from the web and paste them on their websites. No matter how many you have, users are looking for more. It is not easy for users to conclude what suits best for them. And this confusion leads to leave your website. So you have to think like a user. Add more details, add videos. Videos sounds expensive but the benefit will be way much than the cost. So compliment your products’ images with videos.

9 Tips To Improve Your Ecommerce Website

Marketing through Customer Reviews

Enough with all those promotional lines. I’m too bored of all that. And I’m pretty sure many feel the same. So why not adding reviews from satisfied customers to attract the new ones?

Though customer reviews are not new but still many do not value it. Don’t think that no one has time to read customer reviews. When both you and the users are online, time is not a very big deal for the audience. They would like to go into more details than if they were on physical stores. So ask your eCommerce development company to make a separate place for customer reviews.

Short and Elevating Tone

The first few seconds are more imperative when landing the webstore. How could online users trust you when they see you for the first time? Be quick and precise and a few words about your webstore and why you can be trusted.

Check and Recheck for Errors

Even the tiniest mistake can lead your visitors to leave your online store. Once written the content, don’t forget to proofread it. If an eCommerce services company is helping you with everything, do make it sure they check and recheck the content. You can also ask them to read the content yourself to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Who is Your Audience?

Knowing your audience is of great importance. Use tone for your targeted audience. This requires some research work. What tone best attracts your audience, must be explored.

Not only with the words but with the design and images as well. Make it look like a kids’ website, when you are selling something for kids.

Overdoing is Not the New Way

Flash, too many images and too much with the content makes it harder for the visitors to finds products they landed your eCommerce website. Ask your eCommerce development company to make it simple but attractive. Don’t overdo to make the website more attractive and appealing.

Make it Easy to Find the ‘Contact Us’ Page

Nothing new, but still some websites don’t show the Contact Us source to a visible place. Place on the header and the footer as well. People love to contact to ask questions or make queries.

Some would like to call you. While others be looking to ask via email. So add all the possible ways of communication to your online store.

Use Speed of Flash

The average loading time for a website is 7 seconds. Remember the days when it took minutes to load a page. We were used to that but we can’t take it anymore. So do ask your eCommerce services company to make the website as fast as it must be.

Time to Take the Lead

Developing an eCommerce website, good for you. When you have planned it do plan a little more to find the best eCommerce services company. It is not going to be easy but what internet is for. Search the best services company for you and contact them to ask for details.

Happy doing online business!