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A Mobile App Developer Will Help You Launch Your App The Right Way

Today’s fast-paced, high-tech, app-savvy world moves a mile a minute, and an idea is only new for a nanosecond. This means that if you have a hot idea for a new app, and want to bring it to market before someone else develops something similar, you have to move quickly. But how do you capitalize on a great app idea? While there are millions of dollars to be made in the mobile app industry, the complex, sophisticated coding side of the equation can be daunting to many. It’s one thing to dream up an app — but coding, rendering, and testing it requires a unique and specific set of skills. Many people think they have the abilities and training to develop an app, but there is more to it than you might imagine.

Requirement Analysis is the very first phase of development on an app, and its importance cannot be overstated. You need to consider requirements of the potential client base, the users and the project itself. You then need to move to Design & Architecture which is where you draw sketches of application flow, and record the complex algorithms for carrying out functions. You’ll need to make a strong wireframe in order to consider how every requirement will be met and foreseen. Also, a good designer or architect will take into account the future expansion so that is also something to consider.

Coding is the phase where the results can truly be seen. Choose any language — or languages — in which you are proficient and start coding. Write code as neatly as possible, applying different coding practices and make sure your code is precise and leaves no spots to clean up in the testing phase.

Last but not the least important phase is Testing. Testing takes more time than coding because you’ll need to test your code against all possible circumstance ranging from user input to load performance.

If this seems like a lot of work, don’t worry, you don’t have to go do it alone. As the app’s creator, your job is to come up with the initial idea and then find the right people to help you see that dream come alive. The right development team can help you through all stages of your app’s design, iterative evolution, and launch. If you are wondering what a professional, experienced, and highly reputable app development company has to offer, consider Canada’s Clearbridge Mobile. They were recently awarded the prestigious IVIE AWARD for the development of the Tim HortonsTimmyMe mobile wallet app, and you can learn more by reading this article and interview with their CTO, Sanjay Malhotra.

A development team will help you navigate the technical aspect of your app design, but they will also walk you through the business aspects associated with launching any new venture, such as validating a customer need, drafting a business model that addresses monetization, and finding the legal and marketing skills required to protect and promote the intellectual property you create.

If you want to learn the broader technical and business skills required to see an app through all stages of design and development, there are a number of sites such as AppInstruct that can help you understand the rigours of user experience and user interface design, project and product management, and how to recruit and manage a development team.

Designing and developing an app in today’s cutthroat, global digital economy can be daunting, but with the right app development company by your side, nothing is impossible. Contact Clearbridge Mobile today for information on developing an app the right way and to see what a developer on the forefront of the digital app economy can do to help you get your project off the ground. You aren’t in this alone, so trust the right developer to guide you along the way.

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