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AltusHost Review: Leading European Hosting Provider

AltusHost is a European web-hosting provider that caters its services to both SMBs and giant corporations. The company focuses on having the best infrastructure possible, providing the most efficient hosting experience. They have a staff of experienced industry experts, and as of today, they have more than 10.000 clients from around the world. Now that you are familiar with the company, let’s look at some of their distinct features and pricing plans more closely.


While Altus is headquartered in the Netherlands, the company also has major offices in Sweden, which is why they have a bulk of their servers located in Stockholm. They have contact numbers, faxes and addresses for both offices listed on their official website. However, the best customer support feature is the live chat system, which unlike most companies, is not just for sales and billing. The knowledgeable staff will help you with all of your technical problems there; the customer support personnel are frequently online – including the weekends, and you can easily find other AltusHost reviews that will support this claim.


The company offers a 14-day money back guarantee for Virtual Private Network orders, with no questions asked, and if you are purchasing a shared hosting plan, the offer extends to 45 days. Something that may disappoint many potential users is the fact that Altus does not offer a refund with dedicated server plans.


Shared servers are located in the Netherlands and they come with limits. Hard disk space ranges from 5 to 20 GB, bandwidth from 100 to 500 GB and all plans allow a minimum of ten add-on domains, up to unlimited for the top plans. CloudLinux serves as the OS for all shared servers and cPanel 11 comes installed with each of them. The company also has many dedicated servers, which are located in the Netherlands, Sweden and France, and all of them run a minimum of i3. All drives are on STAT II, and depending on the server you pick, RAM goes from 4 to 16 gigabytes.

Servers are fine, but they are a bit overpriced, luckily, the company’s website has a special deal section that changes every week but offers a great number of dedicated server plans, features and prices. If you are looking for a Virtual Private Network, they offer both Windows and Linux options. Servers for Linux are located in Sweden, all of them come with a minimum of 1 TB bandwidth, as well as IPv4, and IPv6 addresses included for free. Here you have no setup fees, so the VPNs are decently priced, especially with the free weekly backups.


The beginning price is not much, it costs less than six dollars per month, but the Silver and the Diamond packages are pretty high-priced. However, they do have an annual 15% discount for all four plans they offer, and if you are looking for a good deal, take a look at their VPN offerings. The Linux package starts at twenty dollars per month and includes a minimum of 2 CPU cores and 1 TB of bandwidth. The other packs are also reasonably priced, ranging from thirty-five to seventy dollars per month, and all of them have free backups on a weekly basis.

In Conclusion

While their shared plans are not perfect, Altus’s VPN packages are pretty great. If you are in the Netherlands, where the company is headquartered, Altus is the perfect option for you. In addition, they have customers in over 110 countries around the world, which says a lot about their reputation and shows how much they have grown since 2008.

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