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An Insight Into The Next Generation Of Smart Door Locks

Not so long ago, we only used keys to unlock doors and locks, but with advancements in the security industry, we are now starting to use all sorts of high-tech solutions for them. Gone are the days of key chains with ten keys that unlock ten separate doors and gates. Now we can easily unlock everything with our smartphones or electronic cards. This, of course, requires a special type of lock, the so-called smart door lock.

If you haven’t already seen them in hotels, government buildings, business centers, etc., but are still interested in the technology behind them, then continue reading our article. We will try to explain the intricate technology and mechanisms behind these locks and who knows, maybe by the end, you decide to get one for your household.

An Insight Into The Next Generation Of Smart Door Locks

Operating Systems

First of all, because these smart locks are digital, they require an operating system to run. Depending on the manufacturer, smart locks usually use Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating systems. As they are separated by their OS, in order to be able to unlock your door, you will need a phone compatible with the lock’s OS.

Luckily, almost every major operating system has at least one model of smart lock running on it, so you will have no problem finding one that runs with your phone. Additionally, there are other operating systems, but they are much rarer than these four and usually don’t have compatibility problems because they use cards instead of phones. Lastly, depending on the model of the lock, you will gain access to additional features, like taking pictures of everyone that knocks on your door, messaging if someone is at your front door, automatically locking down if you move away from your apartment, etc.

Power Consumption

One thing that you previously never had to worry about was powering your locking system. But if you opt for the smart lock, this will become one more thing you should check regularly. Now, these systems are not that sensitive and they can probably go a few days without charging, but the best practice is to charge them every day during the night. This way, you will be always sure that your lock is fully charged and won’t die before you get from work.

Also, when choosing a smart lock, consider buying one that has external batteries. This is especially useful if you have to go out of town for a weekend. In this case, if your lock’s main battery dies, external batteries will kick in and keep everything running. Nobody wants to be locked out after they return from a long trip, especially with these new locks. Not a lot of locksmiths are trained in dealing with them.

An Insight Into The Next Generation Of Smart Door Locks

How to Install them

There are two types of installation when it comes to smart lock systems. The first one is mounting them on top of traditional locks and the second one is completely removing traditional locks and replacing them with smart ones. Both of these systems are viable, but with the first one, it’s important to check with a local locksmith if that is an option with the model of smart lock that you bought, advise the guys at Locksmith Sydney. They are one of the leading experts in smart locks in their area and will gladly help you with any problem. When it comes to completely replacing a traditional lock with a smart one, in most cases you will need to hire professionals. There is a lot of delicate wiring to be done and booting up the system can be difficult for inexperienced individuals.

And that is all from our article. We hope that you got a better insight on how everything operates in smart lock systems. Even though this technology is still relatively new, in a couple of years it will spread to almost every household. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, there are plenty of choices on the market, so feel free to browse through them and hopefully, you will find the one that is right for you.