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Can I Sell icloud Locked iPhone and Use Them Again

Yes, you can simply sell your locked iPhone – only if you can find as suitable buyer. Every re-purchasing vendor first requires the iCloud Activation lock to be removed before they pay for the device. However, if you’re selling a locked phone, you may not get the best dollars for your iPhone. By why would anyone purchase a locked iPhone? What good will it be to them? Are they criminals or do they know the right means to unlock it? Well, the best strategy to sell a locked iPhone is to unlock it first. Reset the Apple ID and password or look for the recovery key and regain the access of your device.

The best way is to carry the device to an Apple Store with the owner’s proof i.e. the bill and get it done by the professionals. However, if it is not possible, then you can go for Bypass iCloud Activation lock and remove it forever. Once you’ve downloaded the Unlock tool, you can easily remove iCloud lock from any of your iPhone models.

The Bypass iCloud Activation lock unlock instrument will help you remove the iCloud locked account of your device. Once you’ve erased checked the activation lock status and found your device free for the iCloud lock you can erase the device before selling it to anyone.

Make sure to erase the content by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all the Content and Settings. Once all the content is erased from the iPhone, you can turn off Find My iPhone and Activation lock. Now your phone is ready to be sold to anyone.

Even if you’ve sold your iPhone before unlocking iCloud lock, the potential buyer can perform the same procedure and retrieve the device back. And finally, after signing up with a new Apple and Password, the new user can enable the Activation lock and sign up with new username and password with iCloud.

Sell iCloud locked iPhone can sometimes hold you ransom and make the buyer access to the phone and check out anything you’ve stored in it. But with secure and effective iCloud unlock services, you can first unlock your iPhone, clear up the previous content and setting and then sell it to any potential buyer who is all set to pay the maximum for your iPhone. And remember an unlocked iPhone will fetch you more price than a locked one!

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