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Conceal The Cable Grid Into The Delicate Cable Hider And Give Your House A Neat Look

Every house needs an electric connection and to avail its service there will be a need of cable that helps to supply the main power to the appliance at your home.

The cable connectors are the source of connecting appliances to the mains electricity so a connection of electricity is possible providing of their correct fixation. Resultant, wire gridding overcharge the capacity and gives a messy look to the house décor.

Now, don’t let those cables hang wild and disturb you while moving or give a dirty look. Wires grid look dreadful and to avoid such ghastly impression, we have beautiful cable hiders in different design as per the customized need.

Cable hider is the tunnel in which all the cords are attached to. Some time back, there were different colors cords attached to the telephone lines and later leading company of that time realized that by offering one color cable for all the telephone colors can save up to millions. So, grey was the neutral color that decided to be a part of telephone industry. Now, grey color wire of telephone, black color wire of television or speaker do not go with the red interior so it is highly recommended to conceal them into the cable tunnel. Or what if it’s paintable and covers all the wires into its shell and give a sleek look to the viewer. These little techniques complement the changes and give a furnish look to the house.

Flexi Cable Wrap

The supple Flexi Cable Wrap binds around the bunch of cables and to keep them into proper order. It is made up of a soft and flexible material which is why it’s stainless. Flexi Cable cover leaves no plastic cuts from the astute edges on the finger when interleaving cords.

Contain Your Cords

It is an elegant expandable system that easily self-covered and adjusts into the bundle cords. The rubber material helps in taking different route and adjusts as per the place. It is easy for the cables to break out and reroute it to the midway. Cut into your preferred length with a pair of scissors and enfold any section of cords as per the wish.

Process of Installing

Adjust by slashing the cord with a pair of scissors to the desired length and then press gently to open the pre-sealed slit. Insert cables into the wrap and here you are good to go!!!

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