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DialWebHosting Reviews and Ratings By Users

Strongly Recommended Host

DialWebHosting is built on reputation and quality of service. I am amazed to see their eagerness to serve their clients. I am very much satisfied with their support for my websites. They have a winning team of employees and remarkable technical capabilities. I am happy to have DialWebHosting as my web host!

All the Good Reasons to Choose DialWebHosting

Although, there are so many compelling features of DialWebHosting, I think their responsive attitude deserves to be applauded. I was having a minor issue with my website today that had never happened earlier. They could diagnose and fix the issue in ten minutes flat. The small issue was on account of a third party code and they did not have any problem fixing it although it was not caused by DialWebHosting.

A Good Webhost, at last

I have been oscillating from one vendor to another in the hope of find a perfect host. After wasting hours on online chatting with service technicians of multiple vendors (including Bigrock and Bluehost) who could not solve my issues, I felt as if I had hit a dead end. DialWebHosting has been my savior and I wonder why I did not get them in the first place. I have to balance between my business and family and can hardly find time to deal with downtime issues. It is so surprising at times, that tech support teams of DialWebHosting find the issues and fix it even before I could notice. This kind of tech support seems like a miracle for me, especially with my horrible experience with past vendors.I strongly recommend DialWebHosting for unmatched performance and above average service.

Worth Recommending to Others

I am not normally used to recommend web hosting services, but I feel that it is my moral responsibility to pass the good word around.  I have been with DialWebHosting for more than two years and never had any issue with uptime, or their technical services. Having worked with couple of web hosts in the past I think I can definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for a serious web host with passion for service. Speaking of technical support, I have hardly interacted with those guys. There have not been any issues with DialWebHosting web hosting services. Personally I am of the opinion that a web host is paid to ensure that everything is running smoothly without the customer needing to spend time with their staff, fixing issues and managing website availability. Full marks to DialWebHosting for hassle free hosting and predictable uptime.

Top of the Line Hosting with Proactive Customer Service

I am always fascinated with customer service guys of DialWebHosting. They are always prepared to help and can be accessed at any time of the day (and night). All y queries are answered to my utmost satisfaction. I wonder how come they are so adept at handling customer issues. I have seen heated exchanges and sarcastic posts about many vendors out there on many occasions. The service team at DialWebHosting deserves applause. There is never an issue with website uploading times and the uptime is always above 99.99 percent, although they promise about 99.99 percent in their SLAs. If you need a dependable web host for your business critical web project than you need not look any further.

Worth Every Dime and More

DialWebHosting has been my favorite webhost and I can’t even imagine of moving to any other vendor. I am always happy to send them my subscription and feel that they deserve more for their world class services and flawless web hosting that offers assured availability of my blog site. They are committed to their clients and waste not a moment in responding to queries. If you happen to be a new client, then you will be amazed to see their friendly support team helping you with crystal clear guidelines. Happy to be with DialWebHosting, always!

Redefining Excellence of Performance and Support

I have had a not so good experience with my past hosts, hence has a bit of skepticism when I joined DialWebHosting. It proved to be pleasant surprise for me, because all the while I thought that 24 hours is a standard turnaround time for technical support executives to respond. With DialWebHosting, I was surprised to see instant response and immediate resolution of my issues. I am always sure that I can access them any time and get the matter resolved without any delay. Their uptime is awesome and so is their security. Truly a fantastic hosting provider!

Proud to be with DialWebHosting

Being a novice, I was expecting a fair amount of support from technical team due to my past experience that has not been all the good. I must say, I was really impressed with the outstanding guidance I received during the initial setup of my account. The technical support team was so much helpful that they literally did hand holding. (Which I need so badly of course!) Their empathetic approach made me feel really grateful. That was the beginning of a great journey. I am with DialWebHosting for almost 4 years and feel proud of my own decision.

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