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Difference Between CCTV and IP Cameras

Difference Between CCTV and IP Cameras

Cameras, we’ve all seen them all over the place. For those out there who are senior enough, you can remember the days when such things weren’t around. But times are times and now they are and are the curse for people out there with malevolent intentions.

Difference Between CCTV and IP Cameras


It has become increasingly common to see security cameras in shops, banks, and in other public facilities. These security systems are generally used to prevent shoplifting, robbery, or any other crimes and to capture an image of the offender on film if a crime is committed. CCTV cameras in Perth are now more popular than ever. There are other types of camera surveillance as well.

Caught on Film

Camera surveillance systems are fixed to traffic signals in some places in order to take a picture of traffic violators. Common violations include going through red lights or the non-wearing of a seatbelt.  A ticket can then be sent to the lawbreaker even if there’s no police officer around to pull him or her over and issue a ticket.

To BB or Not to BB

Camera surveillance is also now used on many school campuses and even at school and on public buses. This has been utilised as a deterrent to stop violence, drug use, and other kinds of negative social misbehaviour. There are some people who find such methods controversial. Some people don’t feel that they or their children should be watched all the time commenting that it smacks of Big Brother. But others are more at ease with camera surveillance as a manner of keeping order, in the hope it will act as a deterrent and may also help catch and punish those out there with bad intentions.

CCTV and IP Camera

There are different types of camera systems now available to businesses and consumers. Among the most popular are IP and CCTV. Each kind serves a different purpose and has its own unique set of benefits.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision)

Although the term CCTV is generally used to reference video surveillance and video security cameras, it actually describes an analogue security camera which transmits an analogue TV signal. This has to be connected to a DVR for recording or to a monitor for viewing images, this type of camera uses coax cable and requires a BNC connection. If you’re in beautiful W. Australia and on the lookout for reliable and trustworthy CCTV, check out the professionals at CCTV installation in Perth you’ll certainly have no regrets.

IP (Internet Protocol)

An IP camera uses an Ethernet cable and relays an electronic digital signal. This sort of camera can be simply networked and can send a transmission to a network video recorder (NVR) found on both a local or remote network. The most common use, though, is to monitor a location for security reasons. These systems tend to offer innovative features, including the ability to manage the camera from a personal computer.

Look Out

When it comes to camera systems, those with interest have many types to choose from. Some are simple, while others are more intricate and offer more advanced functions. Doing the homework and researching the differences between these systems, can help the customer choose which one is just right for their specific needs. So, keep a look out!