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Different Types of Concrete Repair Techniques

Concrete RepairWith time concrete foundations or slabs may get damaged. It may be due to a simple reason or badly prepared sub-surface with penetration of water. If the under-surface soil of a concrete base isn’t compacted, the soil can wither with time leading to major or minor cracks and often the it leads to the movement of the foundation. Repairs to such damages can be done by a professional concrete repair contractor. For all those residing in Seattle, the place offers you some proficient and skilled concrete contractors for efficient concrete repair in Seattle.

Small Cracks

The minor cracks concrete repair can be done by house owners. Just chiseled it and keep it wet for 24 hours. Once the slurry mist is removed and dense paste is put in the cavity. It takes 5-7 days to cure.

Uneven slabs and Large cracks

It is usually related to subsurface slab or heavy washing away. Usually a new gravel bed is set and fresh slab is put. Slab jacking is another technique used to repair uneven cracks and slabs.

Foundation Repair

Sometimes foundations sink drastically or get washed out by water. These foundations are repaired by installation of some metallic ground jacks. Metallic pipes are placed in holes and plates constructed by angle iron are used to safeguard the foundation.

Concrete Resurfacing

The procedure is designed to give your concrete top layer a better look, while leaving the base layer still intact. It doesn’t repairs flaws like cracks. However, it can offer a new concrete slab to offer a new and enhanced life to your floor, making it more artistic. While preparing for the procedure assure that the concrete is fully clean. Different kinds of concrete resurfacing can add beautiful designs to your concrete flooring.

Thus, with efficient contractors in Seattle, you can easily go for the best concrete repair in Seattle

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