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Elements That Facilitate The Success Of A Self-Service Kiosk In A Hotel

Since the introduction of self-service kiosks in the airline industry, the use of these kiosks has gradually been embraced by other organizations including hotel and industry. However, as more and more hotels deploy self-service kiosks to ease their operations and improvement of their customer experience, it is important to do it right to enhance the future growth. As a hotel and/or any other hospitality organization, you should consult renowned kiosk designers like Olea kiosk manufacturers ensure that the right components are installed in your kiosk. For these kiosks to be as effective as possible there are key elements that must be in the digital signage from the hardware and the software perspective.

a. Hardware Perspective:

Regardless of the market type, the agenda of any digital signage is to drive the business agenda to the customers. Whether the business agenda is to get the guests enrolled in a loyalty program, or offering a virtual concierge service, that’s what should be addressed by the digital signage deployment. To ensure that the mission and vision of the business is achieved, there are several things that one should bear in mind. The first thing, you should ensure that the content on the digital signage is relevant to the agenda of the business and always make sure that the digital signage is strategically located. The content can be either local-specific, informing the potential users of the menu in the nearest hotel, or venue-specific hotel such as the cost of rent and other items used during holidays at a specific hotel. For a successful deployment, it should be located at the entry point, giving information on various things which maybe you would take so long to get. The point of deploying a digital signage is to communicate relevant, updated and timely information.

b. Software Perspective: 

i. As a hotel owner, you should seek to enhance the guest experience with a goal of maintaining loyal business and recreational travelers. With digital signage, you are able to enhance their experience by providing updated information as well as improve their technological experience.

ii. You should make sure that certain applications are running well. Apps that provide updates on flights, entertainment and wayfinding. A digital signage ought to help the guest have all the information they may need at their fingertips.

iii. A digital signage ought to be attractive to the guests. The administrator should also consider changing the appearance from time to time rather than the guests finding the same thing every time they walk in.

iv. In addition to look good and attractive to the guests but it needs also to look right. I.e. the content should match with the brand of the respective hotel.

v. The final consideration and the most important is that the digital signage ought to be easy to use, the harder it is, the more it will drive the guests away from using it.

Concentrating on the above hardware and software perspectives of the kiosk, will ensure that your digital signage kiosk is as effective as intended.

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