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Explore West End And Central Glasgow IN ONE DAY

Explore West End And Central Glasgow IN ONE DAY

How many days in Glasgow are enough to explore as many interesting places as you can? Actually, it is recommended to spend no less than 2-3 days to explore all those fantastic parks, galleries, museums, and local pubs. Of course, you can find more interesting places to visit in the city, but you’ll definitely need more time for that, especially if this is the first time when you come to Glasgow.

What to do if you have no more than a day for a Glasgow trip? How to make the most of your journey? In this case, it is better to plan your excursion day step by step. Don’t even try to see everything in a day! It is impossible! Just make a plan that everyone in your group will like. Don’t forget to include free Glasgow attractions!

Transportation in Glasgow

If you come to Glasgow by car, you will never have a big problem with getting around the city. How to make a plan for your transportation? The city can be nominally divided into 5 districts. Tourists prefer visiting a city center the most. Also, they often come to see the West End and the East End. Having more free time, you can check other day-routes from Glasgow.

Locals often use the subway to get from one place to another in Glasgow. The train runs every 5 minutes in all the main directions from the city center. Of course, when traveling with toddlers or in a big company, it is not very comfortable to watch after your kids and control your trip.

Of course, you may use a bus to travel around the city. The day ticket around the area may cost about 5 pounds. The week ticket will cost you about 20 pounds. You can cut the price of bus tickets by downloading a special app. Is it enough comfortable for you to travel with your family and their luggage by bus?

For traveling with a family, especially with toddlers, you need to hire a car. Of course, an ideal family ride is not possible without a large car. For most parents, the best travel car must have enough space for luggage, folding seats, door lockers, and reliable safety features. Even a quick trip needs a car that fits five or more passengers. 9-seater car hire in Glasgow will pick you the best passenger van for big families or companies.

Where to stay in Glasgow?

Even if you came to Glasgow for just one day, you may need a hotel to stay in. Traveling at night is not safe and comfortable. You may pick a hotel in any part of the city. But if you travel with the whole family, it is better to find accommodation in the center.

What to see in Glasgow in ONE DAY!

Start your trip in the hotel with a good breakfast. Load up your car and go to meet adventures.

Explore West End

This is the greenest city area. Also, this is the funniest part of Glasgow. A passenger van is the best for city excursions. Drive your car to the Botanic Gardens. By the way, you don’t need a ticket to get there. It can be named the most beautiful free attraction in the city. If your kids suddenly feel hungry, you can arrange a light picnic just in the garden. Do you prefer eating in the restaurant to picnicking in nature? It’s not a problem to find a worthy restaurant or cafe in your location. Where to find it?

As a rule, the most atmospheric restaurants, old cafes, and souvenir shops can be suddenly found when exploring the lanes in the West End. For vegans, go to V&V Cafe, situated not far from Kelvingrove Park. A bowl of curry soup and sandwiches is worth much. Where to go after lunch? You can visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery or continue your active day in Kelvingrove Park.

Explore Central Glasgow

You can continue your trip in the central district. There is one place that everyone should visit. Stop your car by The Lighthouse! This is a beautiful tower and a local center of architecture and design. Sure enough, you should climb up the tower for the greatest city views. The entrance is free but check the working hours on the website.

What’s next? You should leave your hire car on the central parking and walk to the Merchant City. This is a unique place where you can see the most beautiful houses, villas, built by the local merchants many years ago. Here, you can find Glasgow Cathedral. This is an architectural masterpiece and the oldest buildings in the city. Walk around and try to see as much as you can.

It’s dinner time! Scottish Dinner usually starts at 7 pm. How can you find a good place for dinner in the city center? Oh, it’s not a problem at all. Dinner options in Glasgow are endless. There are so many good restaurants in this area. Local pubs and cafes can boast their big portions and interesting local dishes. Try Mono – a unique vegan gastro-pub. Now, it’s time to back to the hotel or hot local pubs.

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