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Finding The Best Ecommerce CRM Software For Small Business

When it comes to finding the best ecommerce CRM software for your small business, you need to be looking at much more than just the monthly CRM cost. That is important, but you also need to look at the capacity of the cloud CRM services offered, the cost of the CRM training and a few other details. What may be the best CRM software for your neighbor may not be the right one for you. Here are a few of the considerations that you need to think about before making your decision.

Think About The Number Of Users

Companies make a mistake when narrowing down their potential list of cloud CRM services by looking at the direct CRM cost first. You have to look at what creates that cost before you look at the price of the service. The amount of users and contacts allowed are the two greatest factors that influence pricing. The amount of users does not just include the employees accessing the program, but also the potential customers using an access portal and outside contractors or suppliers tying in. Once you have a good estimate of that, you know how many users per month you need allowed.

Think About The CRM Training Needed

Most of the best CRM software for small business providers bundle in free training with their startup costs. While this is good, you need to really look at the soft costs of CRM training. How many people will you need to train and how much time will be lost in work production during that training? Don’t guess. When you run the demo of a cloud CRM program, pay attention to where people stumble. If you have been careful to make sure your test group includes all departments you will be able to quickly identify where your training points will be with a certain program.

Think About the CRM Integrations

The best ecommerce CRM software makes it on everyone’s list because it offers the average integrations sought by the most industries. What a reviewer may love in the overall range of integrations for a cloud CRM program may not include the integration that your company needs. You may need a CRM software that has more emphasis on social media, dynamic communication or accounting.

The Last Thing

The last thing to consider when putting together your list of potential candidates is to find out how expandable they are for your company. CRM promotes production and organization. This means you should see an uptick within the first two quarters. How fast will you outgrow your tier of access and what is the upgrade potential with the company? Again, remember that there is a soft cost to CRM training that you have to account for as well. Take all of these things into consideration when you are deciding which of the cloud CRM service to try, and you will find the one you need.

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