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Free Nokia Lumia Unlock method

Are you interested in discovering how to permanently unlock your Nokia Lumia smartphone without spending a single dime? Well then you are at the right place. Our offer includes Nokia Lumia unlock from any network carrier, regardless of the country and the only requirement is to know the IMEI code of the device. And once the unlock is successfully completed, you won’t have to worry any longer that your device may be relocked, because this unlock Nokia Lumia method does the job on permanent basis.

Free Nokia Lumia Unlock method

So how do you unlock a Nokia Lumia smartphone?

Just follow the instructions bellow to find out:

Step by step guide for permanent and free unlock:

  1. Find out the 15 digit IMEI code of your Nokia smartphone. To do so, just dial the number *#06#. The code will be immediately shown on your Nokia screen
  2. Download the Nokia Lumia Unlocker software application from the official website links
  3. Install the program on your computer, tablet or laptop
  4. Connect the locked Nokia to the device to which you have installed the Unlocker software application
  5. Once the connection is established launch the Unlocker program
  6. The interface of the program will shown you empty fields which you will have to fill in with some basic info such as the country and operator to which your Nokia Lumia is currently locked to, as well as the IMEI code of the compromised device
  7. After you have done this step, press Unlock Now
  8. The entire unlock procedure will take several minutes, and once it is completed, an unlock code will be generated by the program
  9. Now to activate your Nokia Lumia and unlock it on permanent basis you will need to turn it off/on again and once prompted to enter this code
  10. After the code is accepted, you can turn off your device once again, switch the SIM card and insert a new online from different mobile network, and start using your device without any restrictions or limitations with any network service which you find to meet your needs the best.

Advantages of Unlocking your Nokia Lumia

There are many benefits of using our method to remove the lock on your device. Most notably, you will not be limited waiting for your contract with the current operator to expire, but in contrary, you will have the freedom to use the carrier which offers the lowest tariffs. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about roaming expenses while traveling because you can purchase a SIM card from the local operators and make calls at domestic rates. Next, the value of an unlocked Nokia Lumia will be higher, and in case you are considering selling the device, you will be surprised how easy it will be to do so.

Do not hesitate and try out this amazing unlock method, you will not regret it.