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Galaxy S7: Release Date and Specs Possibilities

Every year the Samsung launch fantastic Smartphone for the people. But this year the Samsung launches Note 4 that comes with the terrific software and hardware configurations. Still, this Smartphones is hitting a market, but the buyers praising these products so much. Therefore, you can expect the new revolutionary features with a successor that is Galaxy S7 Samsung. Have this Smartphone and get more benefit. You can know everything from this Smartphone.

Release Date

Usually the Samsung releases their Smartphone under the S series every year. The first Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S; it was released in the year of 2011. After one year, the Samsung released Samsung galaxy SII. These are continued until the Samsung Galaxy S6. Therefore, the Samsung will go to release the Samsung Galaxy S7 in upcoming year 2015. This Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone will go to hit the Smartphone market. Therefore, you cannot worry about the release date of wonderful Smartphone because this Samsung Company surely release the Galaxy S7 in the upcoming year, so you can get this great opportunity and enjoy yourself.

Galaxy S7 Release Date and Specs Possibilities


The Smartphone works on its own processor and it is designed to create a 64-bit octa core processor that will run at the 3X Giga Hertz clock speed. This will become a more powerful processor. This Smartphone will back up by the 4 GB random access memory. Apart from these things, the Adreno 430 GPU is expected to accelerate the high end of the games. This Smartphone is the world fastest processor. It could also beat your current laptop processor. Battery problem does not occur in this Galaxy S7 Smartphone so you do not worry about the battery level.


This Smartphone is expected to have very powerful hardware and software. It could have 5.5 inch flexible masterpiece. To make a Smartphone unique the Samsung can include the flexible design for you to catch the eyeballs. It is dust proof and waterproof almost confirmed the features for the Smartphone. Apart from these things, it can filter the SUPER AMOOLED UHD display; it will show the crystal very clear picture quality for you. This Samsung Galaxy S7 has a stunning camera with the 4K recording. It’s expected that the Samsung launch this fantastic Smartphone with the HD of 21 MP cameras with a double drip of LED flashlight. Therefore, it will record the videos in a 4K quality. For the front camera users it become with the HP and MP camera. Therefore, you can trust this Smartphone and keep waiting for the updates.


The Samsung Company develops this Samsung Galaxy S7 with the latest technology and features. Therefore, this Samsung galaxy S7 could become the most advanced one in the world. Most of the Smartphone getting heat and lower battery backup, but this Smartphone will overcome this problem so you can get more benefits by using this fantastic Smartphone. Therefore, these Smartphone will come in the upcoming year, so you can enjoy with this Smartphone and get more knowledge.