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GWC USA is a company that manufactures valves and flow control products in Milan, Italy. Their company has been so successful because of the partnership between American entrepreneurs and Italian engineers. The engineers that GWC USA hires have been going to school for a long time and have earned multiple specializations. Engineering is one of the most complex jobs out there. Among their responsibilities when they do their jobs, they have to include mathematics, science, economics, and “street smarts”. Not only do their designs and ideas have to mathematically and scientifically make sense, the engineers have to use their common sense and risk analysis to address whether or not their ideas are even worth it. GWC wants to hire people that are familiar with many fields of engineering though. There are various disciplines in which engineering falls into such as science and technology, business and technology, and even art.

GWC USA has a team of individuals from each discipline to ensure that their valve and flow control product models are thought out from every angle. The company wants to hire the best team. The root of the word engineering is latin and it actually means to devise and cleverness. The company does not want to be known as anything less than a group of clever individuals that produces revolutionary flow control products. Although the company name has the abbreviation for the United States of America in it, the company wants to recognize that they would not exist without their Italian engineering branch in Milan, Italy. The company could not operate without valves and even, the best valve producers.

For more information about GWC USA, check them out at the link provided above. The company is dedicated to the success of their valves and they only hire the best team to deliver that. Other names you could find the company under include GWC Valve(s) or GWC Valve(s) International. Either way, the company’s flow control products will not let you down!

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