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Hinting Useful Ways To Select Well Qualified Performing Security DVR System

Hinting Useful Ways To Select Well Qualified Performing Security DVR System

As the worldwide market is flooded with a variety of security systems, the consumer gets confused while choosing the best suitable one for their home or work place. The system should suit your budget, purpose and easy to operate. It won’t be difficult if you understand certain factors related to security camera systems.

Hinting Useful Ways To Select Well Qualified Performing Security DVR System

The number of channels you prefer to have in the system:

The selection of the channels totally depends upon the area you prefer to be put under surveillance. Almost all the DVRs have 4 channel inbuilt system. Having more than that like 8, 9 or even 16 will let you have excess to extend when the need arises.

The 4-channel set up limits the area you need to cover up. Opting for maximum channels aid to join in more cameras to be installed in hidden angles and monitored clearly.

At the most, a DVR security system can support 32 channels, means you can install thirty two cameras in your premises. A productivity unit or malls need to have maximum coverage thus the maximum channels are essential to cover every angle of the business places.

The size of the hard drive:

This concern totally favors on the time you need to record the events happening at home or workplace. With 16 gigs per hour you can have maximum recoding time like one month. The other benefit of setting up the system with higher resolution and motion detection software is that you need to just click the date and the timing of the happening needed to be viewed. The second factor need to be noted is that drives have SATA compatible DVR as it has the capability to hold larger videos and is cost effective.

Network ability:

You need to have easy and smooth access to network as most of the security devices or monitored remotely. The range of the network should be strong to operate the system sitting anywhere away from the premises where the surveillance system is installed.


Next deciding factor is inbuilt audio features. If it isn’t there, you need to buy external microphones to be installed in your DVR. Many systems have outputs to connect separate audio tool, note that the system should have the capability to connect the audio HDMI output with maximum four cameras at the least.


Looping the videos plays a great role in viewing the images captured in the cameras placed at different angles in and outside the premises. It will be advisable to opt for the DVR having the capability to upgrade VGA port at later date.

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