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How Google Works?

How easy for us is to search anything on the web? Just type the keywords or you query to your search engine, and thousands to millions of search results will be in front of you in no time. When I said the words search engine, I bet Google was the first word came to your mind. There are many other search engines on the web, but Google is one of the favourites among most of us.

Short History

Before I tell you how Google works, let us take a quick peep in the history of Google. In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on their Ph.D project at Stanford University in Stanford, California. Remarkable results they saw when they came up with a new idea. Their research brought them to the discovery of new search engine, and they planned to name it Google. When, finally, they were all done with their research, they registered a name for Google in 1997. In 1998, Google was registered as a company. The history of Google is not that simple, you can read a full version on WikiPedia, as we aren’t here to look into Google history but to learn how Google works.

How Google Works?

If I had some time and all that geeky knowledge, I would have written in detail about the functionality of Google. But as time is of the essence and I’m not a web-nerd, I can give you guys a quick overview of how Google works?

Googlebot – Googlebot, also known as the spiders, are the web crawlers that discovers new and updated web pages. That crawled over newly added pages, and also re-visits the old ones and then add these pages to Google Index. This process is done by guiding these spiders how to crawl, when to crawl and which pages to crawl. These guidelines are given in a special algorithm, designed by Google Developers. This algorithm is not what originally came up with that old Google, but it keeps on updating, not by itself but by the Google developers. So, this is a must thing to follow-up by the webmasters and SEO experts. Crawling is not that simple. If you have submitted or launched a new website or a blog, it will take some to be crawled. You need to calm your soul! One quick tip to help the Googlebot come visit your web page is to make your website or blog as per the instructions by Google experts and also learn from MOZ blogs and video lectures.

Indexing – As soon as the Spiders crawl through your page, it is indexed. Indexing means that now your page is searchable and is in Google’s database. Don’t feel awesome just when you discover that your website is being viewed by the Spiders, as it might be just one page of your website or blog. Make this certain that every page is being viewed. This is a lengthy process. But to boost the procedure you can submit your page(s) manually by submitting your page on:- Once you have submitted your pages, the process will quicken up.

Crawling and indexing take few things in mind (not literally in mind, as they’re just artificial) like:

There will be more things to be kept in mind. For that, you must always keep track of what the Google Experts are saying and also don’t forget MOZ. And if you don’t want to indulge yourself in all these troubles, why not reach some web experts? Find yourself a good web services company UK.


By all this short knowledge on ‘How Google Works’ you will be thinking that it is all about Googlebots. You aren’t wrong, but the fact is, Google Developers are making their spiders smart enough to judge how a bad web page looks and how a good website appears, just like a human being. So it is not all about the Googlebots, but it is about the USERS. If users like your website, Google will like it. So, when planning for a new website or renovating your old one, make your website lovable for the humans.


Bill is not an IT-geek, but he loves to stick with what is happening on web. For this, he finds blogging the best habit to learn more about the web-world and stay in touch with web-lovers.

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