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How Retailers Can Use Digital Signage to Improve The Store Experience

How Retailers Can Use Digital Signage to Improve The Store Experience

The digital signage industry is on an enormous rise. Businesses across industries are looking out for strategies that can enhance their users’ experience and help them stand out in the competition. 

The retail industry in specific is one of the most dynamically serving industries. People irrespective of their age and demographic love shopping. It is no longer a leisure activity, rather it has become a habit. Retailers have a history of incorporating creative measures to create sales opportunities and attract potential customers to their stores. 

If you are a retailer looking out for ways in which you can maximize the amount of footfall that your store generates, retail digital signage is what you need to leverage. 

Here are a few ways in which retail stores can use digital signage solutions to enhance their reach, influence, and conversions. 

Attract Viewers Potentially Better 

Engage your potential customers before they even reach out to your store with Digital-Out-Of-Home(DOOH) advertising. If your store is inside a mall, then it is the best opportunity for you as people are there with a mindset to buy products 

With DOOH, you inspire passers-by to visit your store. Showcase your catalog, product descriptions, UGC generated by the user on social media handles tagging or mentioning your brand, etc. 

It makes them want to check out the deliverables offered by you and finally add them to their shopping bag. 

Enhance Their Engagement 

It is indeed important to keep the shoppers engaged in their act of buying products. Installing a digital signage display at the retail store, brands can showcase a variety of content, thus, enhancing the engagement of their customers. 

Display social wall alongside your brand-generated content to better engage the shoppers. This will generate trust in the minds of the visitors and they will be excited to know more about the brand. Moreover, looking at other users creating content and getting featured on the social wall, more people will be encouraged to further the same. Thus, impacting the overall viewer engagement rate. 

Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is of paramount importance for any retail brand that wants to stay relevant for a sustained amount of time. Also, for customers to buy products from you, they need to know that your brand exists. 

To have customers come back to you, having a lasting effect on them is indeed important. Here, installing a retail digital signage display can play an influential role, as it can easily narrate your story and make your brand stand out. 

For example, you can upload visuals of details that set you apart, product description, the ethical sourcing of materials, etc. Seizing the opportunity to let your potential customers in on something that sets your offering apart is a win.

Increase Sales 

When your users are better engaged and attentive to know more about your business, your sales would increase. Retail Digital signage helps in creating brand awareness, which is indeed important to gather more footfall in your retail store. 

You can also showcase the ongoing discounts, the upcoming store offers to attract more people to visit your store and make purchases. Further, digital screens can also be used to cross-sell products. Showcase your least selling ones with the top-selling ones to further push their sales. 

Another great tactic can be to display OOTD inspiration, if you are a fashion outlet,  to the viewers to inspire them to purchase from your store. 

Interactive Channel To Support Staff 

Digital signage screens are an effective way to interact with your staff. A smooth flow of communication is important to ensure the proper functioning of the store. 

Install digital signage displays outside the places where staff is most active. Doing so will reduce your effort to wait and call out for employees multiple times when they are needed. Further, the staff can be kept informed about the updates if any, and maximize their productive flow without any interruptions. 

Effective Communication With The Visitors

While readily available customer service is the main discriminator between online and offline shopping, retail digital signage can help in improving the offline visitor experience to a great level. 

Digital signage can be used for wayfinding in a store, or to display elaborate product catalogs to enhance the shopping experience. They can even update customers with the occupancy levels in different areas of the store or follow social distancing in different areas of the stores.

Over To You

All the above benefits point to the fact that digital displays will play an important role in not just store marketing but also in the overall marketing strategy of retailers. Retailers can make use of digital signage to bridge the divide between online and offline store presence as it will help them focus more on customer experience.

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