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How To Avoid Scam Essay Services

While you search online for an essay writing service, you will get a long list with hundreds of results. It is quite difficult to decide which service to choose, because there are many scam companies available. However, take your time to read this little guide and you will learn exactly how to avoid scam essay services

Too Much Personal Information

When you buy just about any service, you need to provide some payment detail and your name. Now, many scam essay writing services will require just too much personal information such as detailed bank account numbers, your address, and other such information that should not be necessary to them. Moreover, in order to fully protect your personal and finance details you should pay using an online e-wallet option (such as PayPal for example, which does not expose any of your personal details). When you are asked too many personal questions, you should search for another company…

A Company that is not ‘open’ and ‘direct’

Before hiring the services of an essay writing company, there are a few things you can do to test it. Can you talk directly to a representative over the phone? Does that assistant help you with all required directions on how to place your order? Can you contact individual writers directly via chat or phone for example? Many scam essay writing companies will not show essay examples to visitors, and they are in general not easily reachable by the phone. This should be a warning sign to you…so start looking in some other direction for an essay writing service.

One Company Redirecting to Dozens of Copy Sites

This in particular is difficult to recognize on your own, by many scam sites will have dozens of other ‘copy’ sites. It means they have EssayWritingA, EssayWritingB, addresses, which have kind of different names but they are all belonging to the same company. Customers often times skip hiring the services of company A, but company B is the very same scam in disguise. The very best thing you can do to avoid scams is to ask around from family and friends about a reputable essay writing company they have actually used. If their experience was good, it means you can also trust it without having to perform online detective work. Or you can simply read feedbacks on review sites like Writing service that is top rated and has the best review is what you need.

Hidden Fees and Charges

Ensure that the company you hire explains clearly every single fee you are charged. Many scammers will display one fee, but you will ultimately have to pay much more because of the hidden fees. A trustworthy essay writing service will always explain every type of fee you are charged: the cost per page, the cost per word, the cost of proofreading &editing, and the final cost minus the eventual bonuses and special deals.

Be careful when you hire the services of an essay writing company. You should have your eyes open, and do not make any payments or sign any contracts until you are 100% sure this is a genuine company that you can trust.

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