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How to Measure User Interaction on your Facebook Page?

Success of your Facebook page can only be determined by the number of users regularly viewing and responding to your posts. You must aim for the maximum user interaction while generating creative content for your page. Here are the ways that can help you measure such interaction on your Facebook page.

Reach of your Posts

In Facebook, Reach is defined as the number of people who have viewed your post for 28 days after it was created. It’s pretty straightforward; each user is considered and multiple views aren’t taken into account. Any content you publish will be displayed on the news feed of people liking your page. If they respond to your post or even like it, the post will then appear on the news feed of their friends as well. All users who see the post will be counted in its total reach. However, don’t be satisfied by merely the reach of your posts.

Number of users engaged with your Posts

The other important factor is user engagement, which is a subset of the total reach. Engaged users are those who saw your post and also responded to it. This contact could either be in the form of a like, a comment, a share or even a click on the embedded link. Engaged users show a relatively fair picture of the popularity of your Facebook page. The only way to improve the user engagement is by generating highly creative and meaningful content.

Number of people talking about your page

People talking about any page is defined as the total number of users who have:

To experience a high number of people talking about your page, you should obviously have a lot of fans. However if you are busy with the content and cannot concentrate on promoting the page, you always have an option to buy likes.

Number of posts gone viral

Virility is the ratio of engaged users to the total reach. The higher this ration is, the better. If most of the content you post is going viral, this is certainly an overwhelmingly positive sign. Once you are able to regularly measure the user interaction of your Facebook page, it would be a lot easier for you to evaluate your performance and tailor your social marketing strategy accordingly.

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