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Impact Of HTML On The Gaming Industry

In 2017, HTML5 is the predominant technology for Instant games. The mobile games market is confronted with various changes making HTML5 gaming an attractive option for users. Let us understand this new technology, and how it is impacting the gaming industry.

According to Google experts, users are increasingly spending lesser time on their smartphones. This is closely related to the Paradox of Choice where the availability of numerous options leads consumers not to make any choice. The profusion of apps available to users today is contributing to this phenomenon. However, users are increasingly using their smartphones for what they were initially intended for, communication.

Users are happy to play games on their smartphones but do not want to do it in isolation. Facebook caught onto this trend and collaborated with 15 studios to provide instant games through Facebook Messenger.

The most prominent USP of instant games is that there is no requirement for downloading. Instant games cannot only be a means to stay entertained but also communicate with other players. Instant games are an excellent way to touch base with loved ones during a busy day. These games have a tremendous potential with the youth due to their high degree of new technological adoption.

HTML5 Technology-Impact and Outlook

HTML5 game development frameworks are provided by Facebook, Twitter, Kika and a host of other vendors. The development of these games is relatively inexpensive and fits in with the new, fast-paced way of life. HTML5 is the same technology that is used for instant gaming.

The strength of this technology is that users can quickly identify and play these games while communicating with other users. Online Casinos such as provide

a host of such innovative games such as Gonzo’s Quest and Starbrust that can be enjoyed with loved ones even from afar. The users can click on invite within a chat window and instantly start playing. There is no requirement to download the game, and users can immediately access and enjoy these games with friends and family.

Developers should focus on ways to make these games viral amongst current players, and new audiences that are not presently used to playing games within messengers. This is the same audience that still downloads games from app stores. Gaming on smartphones is widely prevalent in various markets, next only to messaging. In fact, four out of five mobile phone users have played games on their mobiles. The opportunity for Instant gaming is enormous.

HTML5 is poised to disrupt consumer behavior related to downloading games from app stores. While app stores are an excellent reservoir for discovering various apps, but HTML5 will have an enormous impact on social discovery. It can become a tool to connect with other users in a busy day. Also, these games do not occupy unnecessary space of smartphones slowing them and decreasing battery life.

In the future, HTML5 is set to evolve from simple games to more evolved ones such as those available of Karamba. It will be able to proliferate using the viral capabilities of various messengers. This will lead to Free-to-Play (F2P) with in-game advertising which will be a new business proposition using HTML5. Further, more monetization will lead to the proliferation of HTML5 creating a win-win proposition for developers, messengers, and users.

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