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In What Ways Can Augmented Reality Be Used In Marketing And Advertising

Augmented reality has become one of the popular trends in the world of advertising and marketing industries. It is recognized as a creative and innovative method of building a relationship and increasing engagement with customers.

Augmented reality technology gives advertising and marketing firm an opportunity to develop innovative marketing campaigns that effectively merges the real world with the digital world. This technology has become popular in the last couple of years. The entire AR market is hoping to follow this trend for many more years to come.

To think in a Three-Dimensional Way

On the display devices such as laptops, computer, smartphone, tablets, etc. advertisement is generally displayed using a 2-d interface. However, augmented reality apps development provides a wide range of new and exciting possibilities in the 3rd dimension.

Before the introduction of this technology, viewers were only able to see an advertisement that was ahead of them, but with the help of AR technology they are able to view display advertisements in the peripheral vision. Due to higher pixel size or display size ratio, AR enables a viewer to see a more detailed version of advertisements.

In the Form of a Primary Storyteller

As marketing and advertising agencies, AR provides users with a more immersive stage/platform to narrate a story that directs the audience to deeper content. This helps in immersing consumers to create the best experience. On connecting the brand story with its owned property, a business can begin to display value via brand affinity and engagement.

In the Form of Virtual Tours

Augmented reality enables marketers and agencies to create distinctive experiences for product buyers in brick and mortar stores by introducing a virtual digital element. Creation of virtual tours is an effective way adds a fun element while permitting buyers to get adequate information about services and products.

Extending Live Experiences

By collaborating with Snapchat as a partner in their advertising campaign, AR has been considered as an immensely potential technology. The best part of this technology is the way it supplements real life objects without taking away the experience of people. This technology has got the remarkable potential to expand live experiences to make it more real, authentic, and enriching.

To experience Products and Services in E-Commerce Settings

AR technology enables the imagination of customers to assist them to experience the product virtually. This technique has been adopted by several companies such as Lego and IKEA. In this technique, users can scan their catalog to find what would be the look and feel of the end product and how well it would fit into the room.

In the Form of a Creative Tool for Social Media Websites  

By the addition of creative filters, interactions and animations to day to day objects and products, AR technology is a way to correlate to the brand values and enhance brand experiences.


Augmented reality is getting popular among a wide range of consumers ranging from children, techie millennials and nearly everyone who owns a smartphone.  So, these are different methods in which AR or augmented reality is creatively incorporated in the advertising and marketing industries.

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