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Install Electric Hand Dryers To Cut Costs

Install Electric Hand Dryers To Cut Costs

In order to help your business be more profitable, you have to cut costs in any way that you can. If your business offers public restrooms, one way to help cut costs is by installing electric hand dryers, instead of using paper towels or linen rolls for drying hands. Along with cutting costs, electric hand dryers also help to keep the restrooms cleaner.

Install Electric Hand Dryers To Cut Costs

Hand Dryers Cut Costs

When you have public restrooms in your business, you need to supply your guests with a way to dry their hands once they’ve washed them. Although many companies offer paper towels for their guests, more businesses are beginning to invest in high-speed electric hand dryers.

In the past, hand dryers were not popular because they were noisy and didn’t adequately dry hands in the time allotted by the hand dryer. Fortunately, technology has improved and today, high-speed hand dryers are much quieter and more powerful, helping guests to dry their hands in just a few seconds.

Savings Over Paper Towels

When electric hand dryers are installed, most companies will get up to a 95% savings over buying paper towels. While paper towels may seem cheap, they have to be restocked frequently because they eventually run low or run out. They are often wasted because people may take entire handfuls from the holder, instead of just one or two of them, to dry their hands.

Although they could be expensive in the past, hand dryers have dropped in price so they are more affordable. Most businesses will see a return on their investment within a year. Businesses that purchase several hand dryers for their public and employee restrooms may get a discount, or they can purchase brands that offer both great savings and a good warranty on their products. For instance, the Airforce has a price guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

Lower Labour Costs

Along with the price of the paper towels, the cost of using them also includes the labour needed to restock them in each bathroom and to dispose of garbage bins filled with paper towels. In a busy public restroom, such as in a movie theatre, the restrooms need to be cleaned frequently and the dispensers restocked so there are plenty of paper towels on hand. The labour costs involved with paper towels are much higher than they are with electric hand dryers.

By installing electric hand dryers, you eliminate the labour costs that were associated with having paper towels. The garbage doesn’t have to be emptied as frequently, there are no paper towels spilling over on the floor and there are no dispensers that need to be restocked.

The only thing you have to do with hand dryers is wipe them down to ensure that they look clean and are sanitised to help control the spread of germs. Even though their initial costs are more expensive, you can cut costs and help your business save money in the long term by installing electric hand dryers for your customers and employees.