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Introducing The Next Generation Of Fujitsu AC Devices

The renowned company Fujitsu General has an extensive offer of energy-efficient air conditioning devices fitted with a wide array of impressive, modern features. Their product line can easily accommodate the custom needs of business and residential settings throughout the entire year, and the installation process is fairly undemanding.

Their AC units can expertly control temperature and humidity at a click of button while saving energy and minimising costs at the same time. You will easily find your niche in their highly diverse range which includes floor, ceiling, wall, duct types of units and multi-split systems.

Wall Range

The wall-mounted AC units are characterised by stellar performance and compact, sleek form that can be incorporated into any interior style. Fujitsu General has included over 15 variations into this category that can cater for a wide range or user.

The ozone disinfection, dry-blowing mode and plasma and pollen filters can quickly remove harmful particles, odours and bacteria.

This type of unit is outstandingly quiet despite its high performance. These devices allow you to save up to 40% of electricity and a significantly reduce your utility bill.

Introducing The Next Generation Of Fujitsu AC Devices

Floor Range

The first trait that make floor air conditioning devices stand out is their timeless design and elegant neutral palette that instantly integrate into various private and business set-ups. They can be free-standing, placed against a wall or fitted into a wall recess.

The air-to-air heat pump mode allows the unit to reach full power and efficiency, and they’re no louder than a whisper. These floor devices can operate superbly in heating and cooling cycle alike, and the air quality is ensured through anti-odour filter and ionisation process.

Floor-ceiling Range

If you’re looking for a flexible, multifunctional solution that covers more than one front, floor-ceiling series is just the thing for you. These cassette models can be set on a ceiling (even the slanted ones!) or on the floor without special conversion procedure. The louver system and airflow can be set to either vertical or horizontal position, and its auto-swing function enables optimal distribution of air.

Special features: A-rated for energy efficiency enabled by DC-inverter, DC-ventilator and V-PAM inverter technology.

Ceiling Range

The Fujitsu General ceiling AC device is an ideal temperature management tool server facilities can greatly benefit from due to its excellent output in limited space conditions and innovative energy-saving I-PAM technology (maximum COP is 3.61). The device is installed under the ceiling which doesn’t take away from the room’s footage. The automatic restart function also allows it to resume operation after unexpected power cuts. Its powerful performance recommends them for both cooling and heating tasks in larger rooms and offices as well.

Special features: Self-diagnostics, 24/7 automatic programme, night-time mode and dehumidification.

Ceiling Cassette Range

When browsing the selection of new Fujitsu air conditioning devices, the slim cassette model is bound to catch your eye. It offers top-notch AYUF (inverter) powered air conditioning by taking up minimum space on suspended or grid ceilings and blending masterfully into the surroundings, say Sydney-based air conditioning pros. The air can go in up to four directions and the whole apparatus can be controlled via the infrared remote all Fujitsu General AC devices come with.

Introducing The Next Generation Of Fujitsu AC Devices

Duct Range

Owing to their considerably low installation height, the ceiling models can fit into almost any type of crawl space, making them a perfect stealth solution. The even air distribution relies on custom-developed duct systems and air vents. A few models can even be installed in a vertical position, enabling unobtrusive placement inside a wall recess or behind a closet.

Multi-split Range

Saving the best for last, this ultra-functional, multi-purpose solution Fujitsu General has presented can cover up to 8 rooms with one device. This can accommodate the needs of an entire standard one-storey entire residential property or one office floor in the company building. This system allows you to combine the traits you need by selecting different devices from the entire range. Lastly, multi-split setup is conveniently connected to only one outdoor unit.

Fujitsu General manufactures some of the most sought after and acclaimed types of temperature management devices. They lead the innovation game with their inverter technology, hypoallergenic traits and A-rated energy efficiency.