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Online Marketing Tools That Are Worth Your Investments

Sometimes in SEO, we need a little help with the seemingly overwhelming task of keeping our campaigns on the rails. There is so much to do with regards to keyword usage, research and analysis, backlink profiles and site audits that it can be easy to let things slip through the cracks when there is no assistance. And unfortunately, these little slip ups can be costly and disastrous. Of course, online marketing is more than just SEO, and when these areas need to be covered, things can get even trickier. One needs to give consideration to mailing lists and subscriptions, online orders, billing and delivery of goods, public relations and so many other areas that the task of optimally managing your online presence can seem like an impossible one.

Online Marketing Tools That Are Worth Your Investments

But every SEO expert knows a few handy little secrets that make the task that much easier, and they come in the form of exceptionally functional tools that are geared towards saving your business time, money and effort on the crucial areas of not just SEO, but all of your online marketing efforts. These tools are already being used by companies offering digital marketing services in London, and the success of their campaigns is testament enough to the utility of these online tools. So why not find out a little more about them, and see how they can make your life that much easier.

  • Ducksboard to Track your Communication

In the flurry of business admin on top of your SEO efforts, it can be difficult to keep track of things like who is on your mailing list, which is subscribed to your business’s services and how successful these efforts are. With tools like Ducksboard, the task is an easy one. It is an all-inclusive dashboard for managing these areas, and it will make your life a whole lot easier.

  • BuzzSumo for Research

Online Marketing Tools That Are Worth Your Investments

One of the biggest challenges to spending your content budget, man power and time correctly involves making sure that the digital presence and image that you produce is relevant to the needs of your audience; to do this, one needs to have a sound understanding of the trending demands of the market, to see where gaps therein can best be filled. BuzzSumo is a quaint answer to this problem since it allows you to get a better, more sound understanding of your target audience’s interests and needs by giving you a detailed report on the success of already existing content, analysed through keywords and backlinks. SEO experts that do backlink audit like Digital Search Group, work perfectly with this tool to help you save time and money in the future, as well as to have a better sense of navigation through the desires of the market.

  • Mention to Track your Reputation

When it comes to online marketing, the opinion of your digital presence can have a fantastic or dire effect on your business. For this reason, it is crucial that businesses keep up to date with what is being said about them on the World Wide Web. Mention is a tool that allows you to track this through key phrases and brand names and it is updated in real time to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business’s reputation.

  • Oktopost for Social Media Campaigns

Online Marketing Tools That Are Worth Your Investments

The importance of an effective and well established social media campaign is becoming more and more prominent in online marketing, but not everybody has the time, understanding or energy to conduct the campaign themselves. That is why there are many tools such as Oktopost which can assist you with your social media presence, including your posts, forums and discussions, and analytics to measure the success of your campaign.

  • Moz Tools for just about everything

Leading SEO HUB has been a long time provider of SEO tips, information news and tools to the digital media industry for a long time now, and as such they know just about everything there is to know about the industry. So it isn’t surprising that they would come up with a selection of tools which are perfect for helping you keep a closer eye on your campaign. The tools discussed here are simply a few from their selection from those with functionality for SEO purposes, take a look at the Moz tools page for these and others related to local, and content marketing, analytics and more.

  • Open Site Explorer

Online Marketing Tools That Are Worth Your Investments

Open Site Explorer is a great tool for allowing you to spot and make use of opportunities to build quality backlinks, and to create useful content. It will allow you to track your site’s profile over a long period of time so that you can take advantage of your areas of strength, while working on those that are lacking. The tool can also be used to test your own metrics up against those of your competitors, to help you gain an advantage over them.

  • Keyword Explorer

Online Marketing Tools That Are Worth Your Investments

This tool does pretty much what it says on the tin; that is to assist you in keyword research and management to save you the long hours involved in the process. It will provide you with intuitive keyword suggestions pulled from one of the largest databases around to help you discover opportunities with regards to long tail keywords; it allows you to take better charge of metrics, allows you to conduct accurate estimations on keyword value, and even allows for a SERP analysis to determine your keyword and linking power.

  • The MozBar

Out of all of the tools available on, the MozBar is probably the most powerful. It allows you to get a feel of your campaigns performance at a glance, by functioning as a browser plug in for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. When activated, the tool gives you an at a glance look at the metrics of whichever site you are currently visiting; whether it is your own or that of your competitors.

It provides information on keyword strengths and weaknesses, linking power and opportunities, metric analysis and social media and web presence; all from a handy toolbar docked to the top of your browser. Many of the features of the MozBar are completely free; but understandably the metrics side of things requires a paid subscription to the website, which is definitely worth it. I would argue that this tool is so useful, that it should be a prerequisite for any SEO specialist who needs to keep their eye on the ball.

So if you are looking for a few nifty little helpers to streamline your online marketing efforts, why not take a look at these brilliant tools which are trusted by SEO experts and digital agencies all over the world. There are far more out there than the few that are mentioned here, and each one of them appeals to the preferences of different specialists. So if you can think of any tools that we have missed out here, feel free to let us know in the comments below.