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Smoke-Free Smoking Would Not Be Possible without Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular throughout the last decade as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Some people use them as a tool to help them quit smoking altogether while others have made the switch because it is said that electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. In addition, this is a much more convenient and inexpensive way to smoke.

Regardless of the reasons for choosing this method of smoking, one sure fact remains: electronic smoking would not be possible without the proper accessories. From chargers to cartridges and more, the accessories are what make this device possible.

Cartridges and Batteries

The main components of the electronic cigarette are cartridges and batteries. When connected, they work together to create a vapour that is inhaled, delivering nicotine to the lungs without using the chemicals that get inhaled through regular cigarettes. There have been many innovative strides taken to advance the development of these components, making them smaller and lighter so that they may closely resemble a natural cigarette. The batteries are also designed in a wide variety of colours and designs for smokers who want to get more creative with the look of their e-cigs.

There are three different types of cartridges used for electronic cigarettes: atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers. Atomizers and cartomizers are built similarly to one another. The main advancement with the cartomizer is that it provides a longer vape time than the atomizer and can usually hold a larger amount of e-cigarette liquid.

A clearomizer is the newest innovation for e-cigarettes on the market. They are designed with a clear tank that allows the user to see the level of e-cigarette liquid inside. They typically have a longer life cycle than the other types of cartridge and they hold a larger amount of e-cigarette liquid. However, since they are newer, they are comparatively more expensive and some models ae known to leak or retain the flavour of an e-cigarette liquid you may have switched from.


Since the use of the electronic cigarette relies just as much on battery power as it does a cartridge full of e-cigarette liquid, this is another accessory that has seen many innovative advancements over the years. While electronic cigarette starter kits generally include just a mini-USB charger, there are so many accessory options available in this arena to help users keep their electronic cigarettes charged no matter where they are.

The USB charger or mini USB charger is the standard charger that will come included in any e-cigarette starter kit. This charger usually comes with an adapter that can be plugged into a wall outlet, but it also allows the user to charge their battery from any laptop or computer tower as well.

Two of the more innovative types of chargers developed over the years have been the charging case and the electronic pack. Each of these allow for portable charging. Once they are fully charged using a standard USB charger, they can charge up to five e-cigarette batteries before they run out of power. A full charge usually takes around 90 minutes. Some of the newer electronic packs have the ability to charge multiple cigarettes at the same time.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Also known as e-liquid or e-juice, this is another of the accessories vital to the function of the electronic cigarette. The e-liquid contains the nicotine and other ingredients that heat up for a person to inhale through the cartridge. Cartridges come pre-filled with e-liquid and when the liquid runs out a person has the option to either re-fill the existing cartridge or replace it with the next one.

Purchasing e-liquid by the bottle and refilling cartridges is a less expensive option than replacing the entire cartridge. There is a wide variety of different flavours and strengths of e-liquid available. A person even has the option to choose a nicotine-free e-liquid which will just provide a nice flavour. All types of fruit and menthol flavours are available on the market, with options to even order customised blends of multiple flavoured liquids.

Electronic Cigarette Colours and Carrying Cases

The colours and carrying cases are the less essential accessories for electronic cigarettes as they are not vital to the operation of the device. Nonetheless, they are the accessories that allow users to be creative and put their own personal touch into their electronic cigarettes. These accessories make it more appealing to switch from ordinary cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

The battery portion of the e-cig is located in the “filter” and is now available in an array of different colours and designs. From neon colours to zebra prints to camouflage, there are fun options available. Of course, the most popular still remain natural, black, and white, which is usually what you will find in a starter kit, but it is becoming easier to find a more creative and personal option. The newer clearomizer models have many options available with matching translucent cartridges that are designed with different tints and fun features such as blown glass and glitter.

Carrying cases for electronic cigarettes can found as large or small as one desires. There are classic cases that resemble cigarette packs, cases that resemble a sunglasses case which are equipped to hold the charger, and smaller cases made to hold a single e-cig. There have also been cases made to hold multiple glass e-cigarettes and cases made to hold IDs and credit cards along with an e-cig, charger, and multiple accessories such as extra cartridges and batteries.

It is easy to see how electronic cigarettes have become so popular since their conception in the early 2000s. They are more affordable, more convenient, and better for your health than regular cigarettes. Thanks to the innovations made in the advancements of electronic cigarette accessories, they are also becoming a fun and creative device to own. One can personalise everything about their e-cigarettes, from the case used to carry them all the way down to which flavours they prefer to smoke.


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