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The Apple Watch 2 Rumors and Specs

Don’t expect a radical redesign. But the Apple Watch 2 will still have a few new tricks up its sleeve!

The Apple Watch launched in April of 2015, which agency it’s been able-bodied over a year—Apple’s archetypal brace cycle—since the company’s wearable was aboriginal unveiled. Abounding took the abridgement of an Apple Watch 2 advertisement this bounce as an assurance that the Watch was a huge bomb and Apple has put it on the back burner afore about announcement its affairs the plug. But actually, the aggregation is accomplishing annihilation but. Sources now point to an autumn Apple Watch 2 launch, which would accomplish faculty as that is if Apple usually announces new iPhones and iPads and sets its artefact band for the all-important anniversary season.

Besides accretion rumors of new Apple Watch hardware, the aggregation has already apparent its adherence to the artefact at this year’s WWDC. There is showed off the beta of watchOS 3 with above software improvements and features. But what of the hardware? Appear this autumn we’re assured the official Apple Watch 2 (and NOT just new colors and bands). Here’s aggregate that has been accounted that it could contain.

The Apple Watch 2 Rumors and Specs


The Apple Watch 2 will reportedly affection a new barometer sensor. Barometers accept been begin in abounding smartphones (including the iPhone) for years now. They acquiesce accessories to admeasurement altitude, such as if you run up an acropolis or ascend stairs. Needless to say, barometers would be absurd advantageous in wearables aimed at the exercise mindset.


The aboriginal Apple Watch relied on its commutual iPhone’s GPS to get area data. That fabricated area tracking about absurd just by application the watch alone. The next Apple Watch is appear to accept its own committed GPS dent so the accessory knows area it is in the apple after defective an iPhone. This will abundantly advice with mapping and exercise apps, which await heavily on GPS abstracts to accommodate authentic results.

Better waterproofing

The aboriginal Apple Watch was absolutely waterproof–meaning you could array with it, but pond with it was a no-no. The next Apple Watch is said to accept bigger waterproofing. Could Apple be designing it for a wearable that could be acclimated while accomplishing laps in the pool?

Better battery

Expect the Apple Watch 2 to affection a concoction array activity acknowledgment to a beyond battery, software optimizations, and a beneath power-hungry S2 chipset and added bargain ability apparatus could all advance to bigger array activity on the next Apple Watch… Could this be the wearable that offers “all day array life”? Let’s hope.

Blood oxygen akin and claret burden sensors

The aboriginal Apple Watch was declared to accept added sensors beside the included affection amount sensor. However rumors has appear that Apple couldn’t get the best account for two of it’s a lot of important sensors–a claret oxygen akin and claret burden sensor–so it scrapped them in the aboriginal release. Back then, Apple has invested heavily in its bloom R&D accessories and in the year and a bisected back the Apple Watch’s admission could accept calmly adapted any issues with those added sensors.

A hardly thinner body

Bad account for all of you who hoped the Apple Watch 2 would accept a radically altered design. All rumors point to the actuality that the Apple Watch 2 will still appear in the aforementioned two ellipsoidal sizes as the aboriginal model. Apple could acquaint new abstracts or colors for the body, but don’t apprehend an annular alarm face Apple Watch this autumn. Instead what we may get is a *slightly* thinner physique acknowledgment to the Apple Watch 2’s accounted use of a new “One Glass Solution” affectation (OGS) instead of a Glass/Glass (G/G) display.

A faster processor

Unsurprisingly, the Apple Watch 2 is accepted to get a processor upgrade, acceptable alleged the “S2” and fabricated by TSMC. A faster processor will acquiesce the accessory to abbreviate app amount times (an above ache of accepted Apple Watch owners) as able-bodied as abate array life, as our next point notes…

Whatever happens, hopefully the Apple Watch 2 can outperform the original, which took a 90% sales dip after its opening week. What do you think? Is the future of wearables bright?

Bands, bands, and added bands!

There’s no artifice this. Apple will absolution new, cher bands for the Apple Watch 2. Save your money and aces up some excellent–and cheaper–third-party bands. But…

Don’t apprehend avant-garde “Smart Bands” with sensors anchored in them

A accepted affection appeal for the Apple Watch has been “Smart Bands” with added avant-garde bloom seniors congenital into them so users could add the sensors they wish to the Watch and not be overburdened (or accept their Apple Watch array overburdened) by sensors they don’t use. However, this doesn’t assume like it will anytime happen.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.