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The Fundamentals Of Ruby On Rails

The Fundamentals Of Ruby On Rails

Writing speedy applications have always been foremost on the minds of software developers who get wary of writing lengthy programs. This want has been at the heart of several developments in the software industry. Ruby on Rails is one such web application framework that is available as an open source and was invented to speed up the process of writing programs. Software developers, interface architects and web designers use the framework extensively for creating e commerce solutions and development of mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. A Ruby on Rails developer can convert your ideas into reality much faster and reduce the time of going to market significantly. This development platform has changed the ways of web design and development.

Rails is a Viable Option

If you want to make use of the Rails platform then you have to hire the services of a Ruby on Rails developer. The platform can be used to create new websites or you can also think of integrating your CSS and XHTML into Rail projects. Whatever it is, you should have some basic knowledge about the subject – what it is about, how much it can really help to reduce the headaches that are associated with web development and whether it is the last word in web development. Having idea about how it works and how it fits in the framework of web design and development is necessary to help you take a decision.

Rails Explained

The underlying logic and ideas of the web application named Basework were used as the foundation of Rails to create codes that could be used again and again in software development. The framework is highly versatile as well as expandable. Today Ruby on Rails is a robust software development platform and widely used by developers across the world that has resulted in developing a strong community. The platform has been used to develop reputed websites like Blinksale and Twitter.

PHP Vs Rail

PHP is the most popular scripting language for general purpose that has been highly popular among developers as this language can be embedded into the HTML pages making it easy and quick for developers to create web pages. PHP has thus turned out to be the first choice of developers as it can also be used for creating web applications such as HelpSpot and WordPress.

With the introduction of Ruby on Rails, people may try to draw comparisons between Rails and PHP. In fact, these cannot be compared as they are not identical – the former is a web application framework and the latter is a programming language. Rather, Ruby is the programming language upon which Rails has been built. In fact the language of Ruby that was created in 1995 and is the ninth most popular programming language in the world gained much more popularity riding on the popularity of Rails.

A Ruby on Rails developer can create unique functionality of their applications using the multipurpose web application by customizing and integrating the code components in the way they want. This method has proved to be enormously time saving and makes it easy for maintenance of applications.

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