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The New Station SEO Mistakes

1 : Build a rush on the initial submission to search engines. In fact, this is very bad, because your new station was built sure there are many areas that need to change, and this time the search engines very fortunate to put your new station included , then the result is that you keep your new changes station , remediation dead links, frequent replacement site theme , directories, keywords, etc. , and even a substantial change title, then the consequences of that : to search engines your site left a stable, low impression of the customer experience .

2 : Keywords inappropriate choice is not too short , not too hot or too unpopular , intense competition is certainly popular , the results of the competition will be a lot of SEO experts in these words , is often caused by prolonged stagnant while ranking disheartened. With the most popular keywords or too broadly defined common words , mostly from such psychological : “If you want the top surface , traffic is skyrocketing ; Even too far forward, also because these popular search keywords many people, and how much traffic it brings some ” this has two consequences :

. (a) In rare cases , your IP particularly good , it will be standing in the front , but after a few days it will be placed directly behind or K out , the reason is : Because you are a new station , because you are the station !

(b). most cases, the new station weights low , definitely not the top surface , cool go back . The solution is to use long tail keywords with popular keywords , but the narrow definition of the other stations less common , so if a good job, to visits not much, but it is safe , relatively more stable of course do not use too unpopular keywords, perhaps we will not search that word .

3 : A large number of imported outside the chain, this approach has been the rage for a short time to improve rankings really very effective , but later with the search engine algorithms change gradually disappeared, but some beginners do not know this , but the general known to increase the chain can improve ranking, so crazy outside the chain of development .

4 : Web content update erratically , sometimes a few more than a dozen articles about the update , and sometimes do not update a few days , you may have to spend time optimizing keywords, development went outside the chain of the above , but not for site updates attention or inadequate attention , and if so you are penny-wise and pound-foolish .

5 : website content devoid of new ideas, and updated articles mostly plagiarism online , “content is king ” requirement for the original article on your site , or at least pseudo-original , paste the copied blindly will only make your site stalled.

6: too many words per page, too dense, even hidden keywords, optimize traces too obvious , will no doubt K , 3% of individuals feel better , not because of the effect of a good article on the front entirely on the front.

7: nothing to do with the site ‘s keywords, but search engines are constantly improving the quality of search results if you search the site in a search engine and you are far from the search requirements , you will go to this search engine? So this is the most reluctant to see the search engine .

8 : Web hierarchy and structure is too complex too , under sections are sub-sections , sub- sections are under the Sun column , Sun columns under …… ordinary visitors and search engines patience is limited, and great-grandchildren of those Sun column column content opportunity to see the light is not large, relatively flat structure is the best choice .

9: page images or FLASH too , and even a lot of pictures , FLASH text instead of plain text , your art is good, the picture beauty, which is good, but the search engines do not recognize , equal to waste , you like it too , as do graphic advertising, go to the streets distributing ……

10: No choice made ​​links, thought better, but if a station which is K, your website is also a great punishment may , in addition to those associated with the content of your website is not related websites can not give you What are the benefits of quality than quantity , quality, of course, referred to here are not asking how high PR ( PR those high stations are unlikely to swap links with you ) , but with the following conditions : K is not a search engine off ; update frequently ; high quality content .

11: Site of the columns are not interconnected links. We do not have an internal website optimization navigation bar on the line, but rather through the chain to optimize the connection of each part article , so you can better make an inventory of the article , not to sideline the article , do not let them interfere with each , the solution is simple, get hold no part limited ” hottest articles “, ” recommended articles ” , which not only beneficial for the optimization , can effectively improve the PV.

12: Article Title committed this same mistake a lot of people , a good intention : “To clean, in order to allow visitors to understand the site ,” In fact, this is very harmful for the ranking , in case the search engines think your site is all duplicate content , the consequences of everyone know. So write its title , might as well not write ! Better to use paper to write the name of the title , with key words better .

13: stuffing keywords : META tag site in place the same words repeated in the same or different wording to express the meaning of this will be considered a deliberate search engines and keyword stuffing considered junk . You have to avoid such behavior could hurt search rankings .

14 : Ignore ALT Tags: Do not forget to use the ALT tag on your page picture. You can fill in relevant keywords in your ALT tags. Such a search spider friendly.

15: Use Framework : Avoid using the framework in the form to call a different page , it will not only affect the printing and navigation features of the site , and the search engine will not have the framework for indexing .

16: Redirect : Redirect will change the destination address of the user’s access , and search engines will think you are trying to do cheat . Try to avoid doing so , if you really need to use the ” 301 redirect ” this in a safe manner .

17: Camouflage : Camouflage is the use of some techniques to make visitors and search spiders see different results pages ( such as text or links and background colors set the same ) . You should avoid this behavior, because most search engines are strongly prohibited to do so.

18: Over Optimization: excessive seo that your website is search engine instead of the user design. Now search engines have been able to detect whether excessive optimization, which is going to reduce your search rankings.

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