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The Value Of Switching To MQL Cooling Of Machinery

Not all machining operations are aware of the benefits of MQL in cooling equipment. It is a method of cooling that is safer and more environmentally friendly. This is a positive change you can make that will save your company money on coolant costs.

Environmental Impact

Operating machining equipment that utilizes the more efficient MQL coolant method is a way of doing business that is much kinder to the environment. You can apply the exact amount of lubricant needed at the time, without having to house and use massive quantities. The traditional chemicals used will all have to disposed of at some point. This adds to the continued pollution experienced on a worldwide level.

Overall Cost Reduction

The ability to reduce the amount of lubricant needed to keep machines cool translates to monetary savings in a real way. Not only will you be using all that purchase, but there will be zero costs in having excess and old product removed. Switching to MQL equipment makes good fiscal sense.

Reduced Needs to Dispose of Machining Coolants

Once traditional machining coolants have lost their ability to do the job, they have to be removed from the equipment and replaced. You will eventually end up in a situation where these stored chemicals have to removed and disposed of properly. These are not chemicals that can simply be put in a traditional trash bin. This process costs time and money.

Eliminate the Mess of Traditional Coolants

Traditional coolants are messy. There is no denying that spills happen. Over-lubrication can cause downtime between shifts, or a work stoppage between use of the machines. The parts will have to be cleaned before machining can begin again.

Reduce Employee Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Many regular coolants are a toxic mix of chemicals that are harmful to humans. Your employees are being subject to exposure each and every day. Switching to the MQL coolant method will help you feel better about the health of your employees. Consider the switch the next time you are in the market for new machining equipment.

Contact machine lubricant specialists like MagLube to find out more about an MQL system today!

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