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The Various Types Of Drones You Can Choose From

The Various Types Of Drones You Can Choose From

Drones are fascinating toys designed for both old and young alike. The military uses them too to scan their enemies. Today, drones have revolutionized the very way this world works.

When you have to look into their classification, there is not any specific one. They come in various shapes and sizes, simply because they are used for so many purposes.

The Various Types Of Drones You Can Choose From

The most basic classification would be on the basis of size. Here is how it goes:

Very Small Drones

They are very small in size as their very name indicates. They can be further divided into:

  • Macro drones
  • Mini drones

This type of drone is very light in weight and has a very small size. For this reason, it is used mainly for spying as the little camera can be hidden in its wings. They can go into very tiny spaces where humans cannot enter.

Small Drones

Their size varies from 50 cm to about 2m. Most of them come with wings that are fixed. Very few come with rotator wings.

Because of their very small size, they have relatively less power and therefore they have to be thrown into the air to provide the initially required momentum.

Medium Drones

They are relatively bigger and vary from 5-10 m. A single human cannot carry them easily. They are very powerful and can carry weight up to 200kgs.

Large Drones

They are basically the small-sized aircrafts. The most important use of large drones is made by the military to spy during combats as it can be very difficult and dangerous for a human to do the same.

On the basis of their working and how they fly, they can be further classified into the following major types.

The Multi-Rotor Drone

They are the best drones to use if you have to fit in a small camera. They are easy to use and are also cheap. They are mainly used for aerial photography. The only problem with them is that their speed is restricted and they are not very durable. Therefore, they cannot be used for a very long time. They require a lot of energy only to pull them up against gravity which accounts for their slow speed and endurance.

The fixed Wing Drone

They use their wings like a normal aero-plane. It is for this reason that they need energy only to move forward and not waste it for rotating their wings. Thus, they can cover larger areas.
The main problem is that they cannot keep moving in the same spot for a long time. This makes their landing and launching process a bit tricky. In addition, they are expensive but they are very easy to use.

Single Rotor Helicopter

As against the multi-rotor, this one has a single rotor and a separate tail that controls its heading. It is very efficient and is very durable. Then again, they are expensive and run the danger of their large spinning blades.

There are still a lot of choices to choose from. You must know what you require and get your drone, accordingly. Always get it from a reputed company like ProPhotoUAV to get value for money and the best flying experience.