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Top 2021 Streetwear Brands For Men

Top 2021 Streetwear Brands For Men

Fashion constantly changes every season throughout the year. Some styles last longer than others, however streetwear has been around ever since it got introduced nearly 40 years ago. 

Streetwear has evolved over the years. You could argue that streetwear is more premium now since luxury brands have got involved with it. So, here are some streetwear brands that you need to get for yourself in 2021 to stay on top of the trends!

Levi Strauss

Levi is a company that has built a reputation for over 150 years for its quality of clothing. Levi Strauss is a brand that comes and goes a lot but is always in the market. Its jeans are not only top quality and comfy but they are also long-lasting as well. 

Jeans are not the only items that they make that are fantastic quality. They also make jackets and t-shirts in a wide range of sizes. Levi Strauss is very reputable and you will always see them on the street, with both mens and womens options

The reason why they are so costly is because of the great quality that they provide in each piece of clothing. Levi Strauss’s clothing is 100% cotton denim which are from Cordura fibres. With it being such a reputable brand, Levi is a clothing product that you are paying for because of the brand name as well as the quality. It will always be in the market because of the quality of the product and nobody can argue with that. 


Champion is one of the cheaper streetwear brands on the list but it is still good quality. As with Levi’s you will see Champion come in and out of fashion. Not only this but Champion is also very popular for its activewear. Champion heavily brands their pieces by printing their logo on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, jumpers and even trainers. They have a wide range of clothing that is great for both males and females at great prices. 

This type of clothing is perfect for lounging around at home and the joggers are also good for exercising in. It is a great fit and well known for its comfiness. These are clothes that are something you need to add to your wardrobe because they are comfy, well priced and a good fit that you can relax in. These are great clothes that you can spice up with a pair of sneakers to add to the style.

Reigning Champion

Now for a slightly more premium approach to streetwear, Reigning Champion. They are known for their premium activewear but they do some great luxury sweatshirts, t-shirts and many other items. They are also known to be great quality clothing which is why they are so expensive. They also have plenty of jackets to offer at premium prices as well. 

Like mentioned earlier, Reigning Champ is great for their activewear, particularly their shorts and t-shirts. They also have plenty of different sizes that are suited for both males and females. Shop by category or fabric to find your perfect fit. 


This is a brand that you probably would have already heard of! Patagonia is popular throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. It has been around since 1973 and is recognised for its sustainable outdoor clothing that is great for harsh weather. Although it is mainly for outdoor clothing, a lot of people will buy Patagonia for casual wear or streetwear for its great quality and comfort. 

The types of clothes that you will see on the street will usually be their fleeces, rain jackets and coats. They also have many other products on their website and are known for being vocal about environmental and ethical issues. 


Nike is a well-known brand for its activewear across the world. Nike is one of the first companies that introduced the dri-fit material which remains dry when it gets damp from your sweat. They remain dry when it is raining as well, so it is great all around for keeping you dry. Nike is slowly adapting their style so it reaches out to the streetwear fans as well as sports fans. 

Streetwear is slowly becoming a global style that started in the United States before reaching overseas to the United Kingdom, China and Japan. Nike also has a collection called ‘Nike ACG’. This is a collection that is designed for the outdoor weather but oozes streetwear. 

Nike is also known for their vast collection of iconic trainers, which work particularly well when paired with a  mens full tracksuit for both leisure and sport!

Aime Leon Dore

Now, this is a very premium streetwear brand that is certainly at the top end of the price range. Aime Leon Dore was founded back in 2014 in New York, United States. They quickly progressed through the streetwear market and collaborated with Puma. 

The brand built up its reputation very quickly with its classic hip hop and basketball style. The brand also collaborated with other brands such as Woolrich, Suicoke, Timberland, New Balance, New Era, Paraboot, Drake’s and Porsche. 


It is difficult to make a list of streetwear brands to look out for without talking about Japanese streetwear brands. Japanese streetwear has developed rapidly over the years by Shinsuke Takizawa and it is known for its premium quality and is relatively cheap as well. Its printed clothing and floral patterns are unique and are easily recognisable. 

Japanese streetwear is fairly new to streetwear but it has been around for nearly 20 years now. Japanese hip-hop influenced the fashion industry in Japan back in 2003, a bit like how street fashion took off in the United States. 


Streetwear has been around for many years now and constantly changes with the fashion industry. However, the main aspects of your streetwear will always remain the same. Printed t-shirts and sweaters are something that has also been around which more and more brands decide to get on board with.

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