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Toxic Behaviors Sales People Should Avoid

Toxic Behaviors Sales People Should Avoid

Every company sets its business goals according to its capability and availability of resources required for the promotion and boosting of one’s corporate interests. The recruitment policy of every company for the job of a sales person differs accordingly with the plan devised for the conduct of business, but the fact is, what they need is an efficient, hardworking and innovative person for the post of a sales person. Any company selling a product in the market is totally dependent on the skills of a sales person. Historical developments have shown that in the past many sales people were not regarded as being honest and truthful. But the present scenario has changed the picture for the world of sales people.

The successful working always incorporated strong social standing and better knowledge of the people’s psyche. “The most successful professionals in sales executive jobs in Pakistan are always experts at working with the people in their own firm. They make certain that their company provides the right products, the right support and the right hand-holding, so that the customer has the best experience possible”, writes Geoffrey James in one of his blogs at (

If a sales person is selling goods at a very high quantity as wasn’t expected, it would be regarded as the best sale. But behind every best sale, there are some skills and good habits of the sales people that encourage the customer to buy more products. Irrespective of many good and obliged things, some bad habits can also sabotage the whole sales business. Here are some toxic behaviors that you must avoid in sales jobs in Pakistan.

Toxic Behaviors Sales People Should Avoid

Much sales rep start to work on their own and hide many opportunities from the company to secure more benefit by playing the lone wolf. But this habit actually destroys the chance of being fortunate. If in case, they are capable of negotiating a business deal but on the other hand the strong possibility is that company would ignore such deal which was conducted on personal basis without drawing company’s attention. This act can be harmful for the sales people.

Jeff Bloomfield has talked about many bad habits of the sales people which he emphasizes to be cured. He says many sales people usually focus on wrong things. They are incapable of dealing with customers and sometimes beg them to buy the products. Such behavior can create insecurities for the company to run its sales business so such behaviors will affect your dignity being in sales jobs. Most commonly the managers do not lead the whole sales process but just try to manage it anyways. This sort of behavior can put weak impact on the mind of the sales people and they will also try to just manage any situation as it is.

Other than these bad habits, many more include the wrongly plan a schedule, to use belittle language, do not listen to the customer, just try to put forward your own personal opinion, sometimes go beyond the modesty and sometimes force the customer to buy the product. These mistakes should be corrected to avoid any future misleading.