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Using Tech to Boost Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

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We are living in the world of technology – no secret there. And today, there are plenty of ways you can use all the gadgets and gizmos to promote your company. Even though you should stick to the basics of marketing during your early startup phase, once your business starts growing it’s recommended you start using tech to automate the process. And here are 5 technologies that are guaranteed to do the trick.

Email Marketing

Everyone is using email these days, and that makes it a perfect tool for marketing your company. According to the recent studies, email marketing can earn you more than $40 for every single buck you spend on it. There are programs that can help you send personalized emails to all of your customers and thus make sure they remember your company next time they’re in need of the products or services you sell. Just make sure you don’t send promotional emails too often and get labelled as a “spammer”.

Customer Relationship Management

When running a business, it’s very important that you do whatever you can to help your marketing and sales team be on the same page. With new customer relationship management (CRM) systems, this has never been easier. Technology now allows you to transfer your customers’ information to your customer success team as soon as the sale is closed. Not only this, but CRM systems can also help you identify potential problems in the sales process and develop sales forecast for the future. There’s no need to say that these new solutions outperform old spreadsheet systems by far.

Multi-Touch Attribution

When there’s a longer purchase consideration cycle, determining which touchpoint has led to the sale can be quite difficult. And without that information, you simply cannot know where to invest when it comes to marketing. Luckily, there are multi-touch attribution tools that can help you analyze every stage of your sale forecast future revenue. So if you are looking for a way to upgrade your simplistic view of first- and last-touch attribution, these tools are guaranteed to do the trick.

Marketing Automation

There’s no need to say that using software for managing the process of bringing your business closer to the customers is much easier than holding face-to-face meetings. Marketing automation tools will score you leads based on what they do once they enter your website. Today, plenty of businesses are using apps and that’s also something marketing automation can help you with. It allows you to set up self-activating messages according to personalized behaviors. For example, if you automate mobile marketing activities, your customers will get notifications every time you start a sale.


Remarketing tools are also something you can use to promote your business. What’s great about remarketing is that it helps you advertise to the people who are guaranteed to be interested in your products or services. What these tools do is present your ads on other sites to the users who have previously visited your website. And with newest advancements, these ads can even only include products or services a user has already browsed on your website. By using remarketing tools, you’ll ensure that users who have visited your website think of you next time they need products or services you offer.

So if you’re looking to expend your business’s marketing end endeavors, turning to the technology is definitely a great idea. Just make sure you use all of these tools correctly, and you’ll be guaranteed to free up your staff and bring your business closer to the customers. These technologies have worked well for many large companies so there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t benefit from using them as well.

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