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What Kind Of A Shoe Should You Buy?

Feet are the most neglected parts of the body. Yet they are one of the most important. A problem in the feet has the capability to affect the well-being of the entire body. Naot shoes take care of all issues related to feet. The bones of the heel and the ankle when affected cause first the calf-muscle then the knee and finally even the hip to ache. If matters go out of hand it may even lead to hip spondylitis or even a permanent ache in the backbone. Not only this, continuous wearing of high heeled shoes or stilettos may lead to an increase in eye-power and worsens eyesight.

Things to know

First you should know your foot-type. One of the ways to know whether you are a supinate or a pronate is by the wear pattern of your shoes especially towards the heels. A supinate is when your shoes wear oit on the outside and a pronate when it wears out on the inside. Another way to test your foot type is to ask the salesman at the shoe-store or the podiatrist or doctor. The wet test can also be performed to determine your foot-type. To do this wet the base of your feet and stand on paper or any other surface where your footprint would show clearly. One needs to stand normally with a little pressure on the front of your foot. If most of one’s foot hits the floor you are a supinate. If very little of your foot hits the floor you are a pronator. You have neutral feet if the print of your foot is somewhere between a supinate and pronate.

Pronators should not wear shoes which have high cushioning as they are quite unstable and lack motion control. Shoes which are as soft as bedroom slippers are bouncy and lack sufficient support. They are better avoided by over-pronators. They should rather buy shoes which have a good mid-sole support and pronation-control characteristics. Over the counter arch supports which are full length are also recommended for over pronators. Full length insoles which are powerfeet or superfeet are also two good choices for over pronators.

On the other hand for people with high arches and supinators a purchase of cushioned shoes is recommended that do not hinder their motion. People who have high arches in their feet cannot absorb shock very well and shoes which are not cushioned increase the problem even more. Therefore, even with a little jerk the feet receive enough shock to be hurt.

For people with neutral feet any type of running shoes that feel comfortable can be worn. People with neutral feet have an efficient foot strike. Furthermore, their shock absorption is pretty high and they have a healthy arch support.

If you still feel uncomfortable, you should consult tour doctor or podiatrist. They will advise you better on the matter.

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The author is an expert advisor in feet related problems. He has been an advisor in –  cushe for a considerable number of years.

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