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cloud based CRM systems

Why Do You Need Cloud Based CRM Systems?

Results that your business demonstrates heavily depend on a whole number of crucial factors. Perhaps, the most important one of them is a unity of team members. Recent studies report that aligned companies achieve their goals and have more intensive revenue growth than companies that are less aligned. The opportunity to synchronize the most important business activities like customer service, sales and marketing give a unique chance to each member of the team to have a clear understanding of what they are doing and why.

Undoubtedly, your business is a complex mechanism that consists out of many moving parts. In fact, it is a device where each employee is a vital element of the whole machine. So, it’s extremely important for everyone in the company to realize that they are a part of the team that strives to achieve a single goal by delivering an excellent customer service to increase revenue. And if there is no collaboration between departments, it is rather difficult to predict the consequences. However, there is a solution to the misalignment problem that cloud based CRM systems offer.

cloud based CRM systems

Use an Opportunity to nurture the leads by using Cloud based CRM Systems

Members of your marketing team try to do their best to make the process of lead generation more effective. They strive to devise the most sophisticated marketing campaigns to attract leads of high quality. In order to convert them into loyal customers they should pass them to sales team of your company. However, in accordance with the latest statistics, salespeople neglect approximately 50% of qualified leads.

In most cases, these figures are caused by poor lead nurturing strategy and lack of synchronization between sales and marketing departments. It is obvious that these teams should collaborate as tightly as possible to share the same standards of lead nurturing and having a clear understanding of what a qualified lead is. In fact, 63% of leads who are loyal to your company services will not make a purchase during a 3-months period and approximately 20% will need about a year to make a purchase. Moreover, in accordance with that research, 80% of qualified leads that were neglected at first make purchases after 2 years of thorough marketing investigation.

For this reason, implementation of cloud based CRM systems is crucially important. It contains an extensive range of tools that make the process of lead generation more efficient. CRM tools are designed to boost the growth of revenue through optimization of the whole chain – from demand generation to closing a deal and account maintenance. Investments into lead nurturing on regular basis can cause a generation of 50% of sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. To achieve the best results, many processes can be identified to segment prospective leads in accordance with their interests. Your salespeople will have an opportunity to concentrate on high-qualified leads more precisely.

Why Do You Need Cloud Based CRM Systems?

Deliver Excellent Customer Service through Cross-functional Processes

Increase of customer service quality and loyalty rates is an urged demand for every company. In order to accomplish this extremely important goal you should unify processes on each stage of collaboration with your customers through all departments. Cloud based CRM systems turn out to be a technological solution that can optimize inner processes between all units and teams of the organization. Many companies make a mistake of neglecting the fact that their prospects can contact with them on different stages of buying process. As a result, it leads to appearing a kind of misalignment between departments that are responsible for customer service and sales.

Approximately, 86% of prospects make a decision to stop doing purchases if their customer experience was poor and 37% of customers never give the vendor a second chance in this case. They just switch to another vendor. In order to avoid this fatal error and make relationships with customers more satisfied, it is better to automate the processes by implementing cloud based CRM systems. Customer satisfaction is vital criteria of company success and CRM systems help to increase this level by optimization of joint processes and making clients’ lives easier. It saves the most valuable human resource – the time of our lives by eliminating the urgency to provide the same data through contacts with various units of a company. As a result, customer journey provides only positive emotions and experience.

Information should be Shared between All Departments

There is a proverb – sharing is caring. It is rather difficult to overestimate its meaning when it concerns necessity to make process connected with customer-facing activities more reliable through automation. It is the main reason why you should create conditions to make the collaboration between units more open and at the same time effective. The most appropriate CRM system for your business should solve two important problems: the first one is to make individuals feel as team players and collaborate effectively to achieve goals; the second is to destroy boundaries between units in cases, when it is vitally important to share information between different departments. For example, CRM system that bpm’online has developed can solve the following problems:

  • the problems of misalignment
  • turning employees into a goal-oriented team
  • boosting the sale processes by means of data integration and automation

It contains tools that can optimize the workflow and keep employees tightly synchronized due to engaging into an ESN – enterprise social network. Successful collaborations are based on communication. It is the foundation for any business activity. Instead of being in isolation, colleagues are motivated to cooperate, distribute precious information or data and engage.

In general, thoroughly designed and adopted cloud CRM system can give your business advantages that boost your growth where only the sky is the limit.