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10 Technology Trends That will Shape the Future

10 Technology Trends That will Shape the Future

While we still wait for a technology that will make us get fitter as we watch TV, there are many other astounding developments that have made dreamlike endeavors a reality. There are smartphones that can call a cab, send a text, read your emails and do a whole lot more, without you even having to touch them. There are automated homes that sense your presence and adjust heating and lighting, and there are apps that keep you connected and updated every passing second and remind you of every little thing that needs to get done, so you never miss a beat. Technology is revolutionizing the way we go about life, turning it into something straight out of a science fiction movie.

10 Technology Trends That will Shape the Future

And the innovators refuse to stop. Technology is only getting bigger, better and smarter. Here are some of the top trends in technology that will have a massive impact on our lives in the immediate future –

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

You have already seen the magic of AI and ML at work in the way SIRI can hear you and follow your commands, or Alexa or Cortana. Very soon though, you will see the machine learning technology make way into every aspect of life. Technologies like neural networks, deep learning and natural language processing will make the interaction between humans and computers seamless to the point where your devices can predict what you want to do and get it done without the need of any physical exchange. The technology will learn, adapt and improve with each iteration, constantly growing and becoming more intelligent. No one would be surprised when a majority of cars on the road are self-driving cars.

2. Internet of Things

The fact that we have refrigerators, ovens, air-conditioning and a myriad of other appliances that make our lives easy, was enough to keep us happy. Now though, all of these appliances are set to become smarter, thanks to the internet of things. IoT has been one of the most talked about technology for a long time now but only in the last year did we see some truly remarkable achievements in this area. With the larger number of products around us getting connected to IoT, smart homes are now a reality. From home automation to home security and appliances, everything is going to be connected to and operable from a common hub, making lives increasingly automated.

3. AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality too are technologies that have been in the talks for a fairly long time, but have only now become a true mainstream reality. Niantic’s famous Pokemon Go set the stage for augmented reality in everyday lives and went on to garner over 100 million downloads. Consumers are really waking up to this fantastic technology as it finds increased applications in retail, education, transportation, recreation and navigation among other applications.

Both Apple and Google laid great emphasis on AR/VR at the WWDC 2017 and the Google IO respectively. The message is quite clear that AR and VR are set to be a major technology to watch out for in the coming years.

4. Intelligent Apps

Do you get amazed at how your email app sorts your mail perfectly? How the flight you booked online gets marked in your calendar automatically and you start getting reminders on schedule? How your contacts get synced across devices and forms auto fill accurately? Apps are only becoming more and more intelligent and will go on to do amazing feats in time to come.

5. Digital Twins

Within the next three to five years, a great deal of physical objects will have a digital twin, or a dynamic software model that mimics the real world function and composition of that object. Having a digital twin acts as a bridge between the physical and the digital world, allowing control over an object from far away. With expansive applications in aerospace sectors as well as other walks of life, digital twins will definitely see an uprising.

6. Blockchain

With the rise in Bitcoin transactions, having a permanent ledger or a record of transactions becomes a difficult task. Blockchain technology will gain momentum as a means of keeping Bitcoin (or another cyber currency) transactions transparent and public.

7. Mesh

Now that there are connected homes, connected devices, connected phones and connected people, there is a mesh of intelligent digital ecosystems being created. As each of the technologies evolves, the entire mesh must evolve with it and hence, the mesh gets more and more intelligent as a whole, with every improvement in technology. Collectively, we are all headed for a much more evolved mesh.

8. Conversational Technology

Talking to our machines is already an established technology. In the coming years, applications of conversational systems will evolve even further and we will be able to get much more done just by voice commands, saving time and increasing efficiency.

9. Adaptive Security

With so many intelligent systems and so much data floating about in the mesh, security is now a bigger issue than anything else. Advanced security systems will be developed for keeping all this data secured. Improved technology like Lintech security products will be required for digital transactions and stored data.

10. Humanized Big Data

As every device and appliance we use will gather data, thanks to IoT, Big Data is expected to become much more humanized. This means we can expect our devices to understand us, even become more qualitative and empathetic. A TV that detects your mood and plays you suitable programs could very well be a reality soon.

Wrapping Up

What technology has done in the last ten to fifteen years has been amazing. What it is going to do in the next few years is only going to be even more breathtaking. Machines that can talk to us, understand us, follow commands, detect the presence and adapt accordingly aren’t just science fiction but are now going to be a reality. All the technologies listed above are a great reason for everyone to look forward to the coming years.