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What Are Heat Exchanger Tubes?

What Are Heat Exchanger Tubes?

Heat exchange –  the indirect transfer of heat.

The heat transfer of fluid is separated by a dividing wall made from metal tubes. This is often referred to as surface heat exchange.

The main purpose of a heat exchanger tube is to transfer heat from one medium to another, ensuring that the transfer is efficient and effective.

Heat exchanger tubes can increase the surface area whilst also increasing the transfer of heat, making it more efficient. The heat exchanger tubes are ideal if you’re looking for a way to increase efficiency and to save energy, be sure to check out the range from heat exchanger tubes suppliers, USEL Tubular Division!

What Are Heat Exchanger Tubes?


A heat exchanger pipe is appropriate for high-pressure applications, offering resistance against severe pressures and forces. They can withstand such impacts and perform exceptionally well.

High quality.

The heat exchanger tubes are all designed to meet high-quality standards, providing the most reliable transfer of heat. Nobody wants to buy heat exchanger tubes that transfer heat less efficiently, costing you time and money!

At USEL Tubular Division (Tube Supply), we have a wide range of stock heat exchanger tubes of which can be cut to length. No matter what size you require, any heat exchanger pipe will meet EN standards, ensuring that the transfer of heat is safe.

Made to exact standards.

When it comes to choosing heat exchanger tubes for specific applications, you want to know that they’ll perform effectively, hence why heat exchanger tubes suppliers allow you to choose what size fits best.

In addition to this, Tube Supply can not only cut the tubes to length but also make sure that the heat exchanger tube is deburred and u-bent- suiting your requirements specifically.

Do you need heat exchanger tubes in a hurry? Look no further than Tube Supply! The heat exchanger tubes suppliers aim to meet emergency and planned requirements for maintenance, this includes delivering your products on-time!


The heat exchanger tube offers high performance for an array of applications, making sure that no heat is wasted. The heat exchanger tubes from USEL Tubular Division are extremely reliable in terms of rate of flow and surface area.

A heat exchanger pipe will allow heat transfer to take place, making things convenient and simple.


You’ll be pleased to hear that the transfer of heat needn’t be disruptive. Heat transfer using the heat exchanger tube requires little to no downtime and is easy to keep clean. The heat exchanger pipe will already last longer than most other types of tubes, however, this is not to say that you don’t have to look after it! You need to ensure it functions safely.

Technical expertise.

Should you need any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the heat exchanger tube suppliers!

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