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2 Cloud Solutions For Condo Boards

Condo boards have a lot of responsibilities. Major chunk of these responsibilities hovers around interaction with condominium dwellers; listening to complains and collaboration with them to resolve various problems. Needless to say, there’s a lot of documentation involved with papers being filed and handed out. To save time, effort and make the entire operation effortless, condo boards are now opting to benefit from cloud based solutions such as cloud hosted SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop.

How can condo Boards Leverage SharePoint Advantages?

As mentioned before, a condo board’s core activities involve storage, labeling and disbursal of documents. Secondly, condo boards convene on regular intervals to assess if the covenants of that particular condominium are being adhered to or not. SharePoint has inherent and intrinsic capabilities that are closely aligned with these activities and can help increase the efficiency of the same almost ten folds. Condo boards can set up a cloud based SharePoint site and benefit from:

  • Document management
  • Collaborative platform
  • Communication platform

Document Management

A Condo board is responsible for not only governing documents of the condo association but also dealing with various state statutory laws, their filings and other requisite records. If a condo board follows the age old paper based filing system, it can pose various problems such as access and safe storage. Not to mention sifting through piles of dusty files looking for a particular record can be equally cumbersome, especially when time is the essence. SharePoint offers document management system with following capabilities:

  • Shared storage where every member of the board has access through their own password
  • A fast metadata search system which can fetch desired records, files and documents in a fraction of second

Collaborative Platform

Instead of convening and holding meetings the old fashioned way, condo boards can choose to benefit from SharePoint platform. On this platform, board members can interact with other members, residents of the condo, hold discussions and collaborate on various issues. They can share documents of importance with the residents, and the residents also have the ability to upload documents of their own for review by the board.

Communication Platform

Discussion boards, alerts and notifications are all components of the communication platform that SharePoint puts at condo boards’ disposal. This makes communication within the board and outside it very convenient. Alerts and notifications are shared among all the members of the board who can choose to notify residents through the site about important dates and deadlines. Cloud Portal,, has been assisting condo boards to setup their own SharePoint site. Special emphasis is paid to accommodate every requirement of the condo board in a user friendly interface.

Hosted Virtual Desktop for Condo Boards

Another key responsibility of a condo board is handling financing for tasks such as repair and maintenance. This requires board members to frequently access the records, run calculations and handle invoices. If done locally and the old fashioned way, these tasks can consume considerable time and efforts. Hosted virtual desktop service provides various perks that can facilitate faster processing of these tasks.

Access from Anywhere Anytime

Using virtual desktop, the condo board members can access these records and run all the associated processes through a remote computer. The original data and the computational power needed to run the processes such as complex calculations, filings etc, is taken care of by the server at service provider’s end. This can all be done via their own computer which needs not be highly configured.


Another advantage that virtual desktop bestows is mobility. A condo board member can be far away from the board office without a computer, but can still access all the conveniences through a cell-phone or tablet.

Cost Cutting

Last but certainly not the least, availing a hosted virtual desktop can save a condo board substantial amount of money; the money which would otherwise be spent in hiring and retaining a dedicated IT staff on premises for maintenance of computers and their software. Condo board members will be running a virtualized instance of their desktop on their computers but the actual applications, storage and computational power will be handled by the server. Hence, the maintenance of hardware and software will also be virtual desktop service provider’s responsibility. Visit for availing your own free cloud desktop and start leveraging the power of virtual desktop for your convenience.