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Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server

Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server

Hosting; it isn’t quite what it used to be. With the information technology industry undergoing such rapid transformation with each passing day, the choice of hosting services continues to grow exponentially.

Once upon a time, dedicated servers stood tall as the most prominent options for hosting, delivering unparalleled reliability and performance; however cloud VPS is fast gaining a foothold in the market.

Cloud VPS vs Dedicated Server. What’s better?

This is a question that is quickly gaining importance, especially with the number of firms emerging and boasting of the superior capabilities of their hosting services. But, with so many voices still standing ready to defend the potency of dedicated servers, one cannot help but wonder: which of these two hosting options is superior?

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting services, the resources of a single server are, as the name suggests, dedicated to meeting the hosting needs of a single website. Essentially the opposite of a shared server, only a single individual or entity is granted access to the operations of the dedicated server in question.

With this traditional format of hosting, reliability and performance are all but assured, those most powerful and interactive online resources depending upon dedicated servers to deliver consistent hosting services for what most people would call an exorbitant fee.

Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server

VPS Hosting

Some individuals have described Virtual Private hosting as a hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting. With VPS hosting, multiple virtual machines are created on a single dedicated server. Each client is availed access to a virtual private server that essentially operates as a dedicated server.

VPS Hosting Services operate as the perfect alternative to dedicated servers (and the exorbitant expenses they attract) and shared servers (and the unreliable services they are prone to delivering).

Cloud VPS

The latest, and potentially the most powerful, innovation in the hosting realm, managed Cloud Linux VPS takes the VPS hosting model and elevates it. Instead of depending upon a single dedicated server to deliver hosting services, Cloud VPS introduces numerous dedicated servers into the equation, from which clients can draw power and resources.

In determining which of these powerful hosting options, Cloud VPS and dedicated hosting, is superior, there are a number of considerations to make, namely:

  • Cost

Cloud VPS offers more flexible pricing options, with users only paying for those resources they use, this including the storage they utilize and period of time for which they use it.

The standard costs surrounding dedicated hosting, on the other hand, tend to be far higher, and this is regardless of the quantity of resources one uses. Most webmasters will agree that dedicated servers are hardly budget-friendly.

  • Performance

Cloud VPS and dedicated servers are actually comparable when it comes to performance. However, while the average cloud server might perform better than the average dedicated server, especially taking into account the ability of cloud servers to leave so-called dirty instances behind by switching to new instances, the most powerful (and hence priciest) dedicated servers are superior to the majority of cloud servers when it comes to performance.

  • Reliability

It is in this area where Cloud VPS services prove so powerful. Cloud VPS hosting services utilize the resources of numerous machines to satisfy client needs. This means that the failure of a single server will not bring the online resource in question (app, website, blog etc) down, not with the numerous other servers standing ready to fill the gap, though some performance issues might arise.

On the other hand, when a dedicated server crashes, so do the apps and websites it hosts; with no back-up or immediate interim solution on offer, one can only wait for the dedicated server to undergo repairs before their website can become operational once more.

  • Restorability

In the case of a crash, Cloud VPS hosting services tend to simplify the process of restoring one’s information from a backup. And, with multiple instances having been created to increase availability, replication is just as easy, this as opposed to the time consuming processes involved with restoring operations on a dedicated server, especially taking into account the complexity of migrating data and reinstalling programs.

  • Scalability

Because cloud VPS services utilize a pool of computational resources, the scaling of these resources and other relevant hardware features is nearly instantaneous. With dedicated hosting on the other hand, the servers, which typically operate with pre-defined specifications, must be shut down to initiate the necessary scaling processes.

There is a reason why everyone should consider renting Cloud VPS hosting services for their app or website from; after all, even with all the power they bring to the table, dedicating hosting services pale in comparison to the convenience, reliability and flexibility of Cloud VPS.