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4 Ways To Promote Your Career Brand Using Social Media  

The best way in which any business can be promoted and made to expand its reach to a large number of people is with the help of social media. Every 4 out of 5 people are using internet and with internet usage, everyone is available on social media. Social media is one of the powerful tools that can help you showcase your professional skills, talents and achievements.

4 Ways To Promote Your Career Brand Using Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have millions of users and thus there are high chances of your career brand to get promoted. Even Pinterest is no more a hobby. It has become a means to expand your career brand and unleash your professional potential in the social media. Many candidates who apply forjobs in Gurgaon,Delhi, Bangalore and other major cities have started using social media and are reaping great benefits.

Here are 4 ways that can help you promote your career brand with the help of social media:

  1. Make Use of LinkedIn:A research firm carried out a study that showed that 94 percent of thejob recruiters are present on LinkedIn. This makes it a very effective marketing tool. You should keep uploading your updated resume. Set your profile picture witha photo that is professional and use an appropriate description about yourself, keeping in mind how you want your recruiters to know you.
  2. Be Active on Twitter and Facebook Professionally:While people are mostly active on Facebook and Twitter, they often leave out the aspect of profession. Both Twitter and Facebook are great platforms for business relations. On Facebook, you can like pages of various companies and like or comment or ask questions. Similarly, on Twitter you can follow professional people who you admire and tweet important information and resources and use appropriate hashtags for important content.
  3. Create Your Own Blog: This is one of the most popular ways to promote your career brand on social media. You can write rich content on relevant topics and share your opinion and experiences. If you write regularly, then it will increase your visibility and add more credibility to you. You can also get into conversation online with the people who would read your blog and as a result more and more people will follow your blog and you will create a name for yourself on social media.
  4. Sharing Videos and Pictures on Instagram: This is similar to using Facebook or Twitter. You can either share pictures or upload videos about something in a particular context that you wish to pursue. As you upload pictures, more and more people will start connecting with You can either give your expert advice on a certain topic by uploading videos or share pictures of some technical event you attended or some visit to a company.