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Top Myths About Facebook Account Hack – And How To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe?

The world of internet is engulfed with social media and networking sites, and millions of people from across the globe are on these sites. Connecting with new people, and staying connected to your friends, family and colleagues have become much easier with the help of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google Plus, and other such sites. Whether you want to know about their latest updates, want to know where they are, send them an instant message, check out the pictures of your friends or family’s vacation, or just about anything, social networking sites would keep you in the loop, no matter how busy you are, or even if you are seven seas across from your friends and family.

Top Myths About Facebook Account Hack – And How To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe?

Your social networking accounts hold a lot of personal information, your chats with your friends, family and loved ones, public and private pictures, and much more. And, thus the safety and security of these social networking accounts should be kept in check, so that such private and confidential information do not get misused or get into the hands of someone you don’t want to.

Surprisingly, there are sites that claim that they can hack any Facebook account, and due to the intricacies and complexities in personal relationships these days, many people feel tempted to use these services, only to see that they have been ripped off their money, time and effort. It is suggested that one should always respect someone else’s privacy, just like they would want them to respect yours.

Even an attempt to use a so-called service on the internet to attempt to hack a Facebook account of someone you know would be a breach in their privacy, which would definitely not convert, because such services cannot do what they claim, but just want to rob you off your money. The point is this attempt would also weigh on your conscience, or at least, it should. To ensure that such hacking attempts, which have increased in numbers these days, do not actually get successful, you need to know how to keep your Facebook account safe. Here are the few tips –

  • Never give out your username or password to anyone, including friends, family, or even in websites claiming to require it to authenticate your membership, and other such hoaxes. If you are using Facebook login with a third party site, do it only if it is a reputed and a major site.
  • Always make a strong password that is unpredictable by even people you know, and has a combination of lower case, upper case, and numbers and special characters. Change your password every few months.
  • Updating your browser whenever an update is available is also essential to get more security from your browser.
  • Do not click links in the Facebook or outside of Facebook that looks suspicious, even if it has been sent by a friend or family. Always validate the authenticity of the suspicious looking links, because it can steal the information from your PC instantly.
  • Always sign out after use, and make sure that you keep all the safety features provided by Facebook on to know if there was any unusual sign-in in your account.

Top Myths About Facebook Account Hack – And How To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe?

These are the few ways you can keep your Facebook account safe. Also, if you come across any Facebrute site, simply ignore them as hacking Facebook accounts is not possible, and such services should not be used, and are neither effective as well in the first place.