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5 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Switch To Video Marketing

5 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Switch To Video Marketing

Video marketing is currently taking digital world by storm. Online videos are rapidly becoming an effective way to provide information and entertainment to the audience. Most of the big companies already chose video marketing over any other platform as it is considered one of the most interactive medium, business people ever come across.

According to the reports created on the basis of study conducted by experts, by the end of year 2017, 69% of the traffic for all businesses will be generated from here. The online world has already produced more than 39 billion videos per year, which is more than sufficient, I guess!

More than 64 percent of customers buy the product after watching video as per the reports. The key to create a successful video has always been a good content by the writer. After reading this, most of the company owners will immediately plan to take this into consideration for their organization.

But, the point is, how to take your team in confidence? Don’t worry if you are looking forward to switch to video marketing or trying hard from a long time to convince your team, then, you have taken a halt at the right place.

Here are 5 probable reasons why you should start using video marketing right away for your business :-

5 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Switch To Video Marketing

1.Audience loves watching videos:Have you ever wondered why people prefer watching videos over reading long text? This is simply due to its friendly and entertaining way of providing information to the public in a simple and concise manner. People love to watch videos, even if they are meant to gather information about something. The whole idea is not just about watching cute or entertaining videos anymore. Most of the users choose to watch videos of product instead of reading its description because of attractive visuals and voice over that tends to give less strain to brain as compared to reading. It can be predicted that in the coming years, huge market will come from there for businesses.

2.Google prefers videos:In 2015, YouTube became the second most used Search Engine after Google according to a study. After Google took over the YouTube company, it preferred itself to be awarded high ranking to the websites which attach videos with their content. It has become prominent to add videos nowadays, even when it comes to promote your business. The ultimate goal is to attain high ranking in the Search Engine.

3.Effective business explainer videos :There is a new trend prevalent in the town which has created a lot of buzz from the past few years, i.e. business explaining videos. People are hiring business explainers to make people aware about what they do and what are the services they provide to their audience. This comes out as an effective way to interact with audience as a greater part of people does not seem to be interested in reading company articles or blogs about their products. However, they are delighted to see their videos without thinking much it. This can be done by using animation, visuals graphics, entertaining videos etc.

4.Videos differentiate your company from your competitors:Videos make you look unique and different from your competitors in the market. They tend to explain your idea and showcase your innovation in a better and much precise way to the audience. They understand your business clearly as videos  interest them highly. To a great extent, it is a very connective platform to interact with the audience and convert them into potential customers.

So, here is your chance to stand out and make your company look better than the others in the market. Business explainer videos are really innovative mode to get your company recognition. Consider making a unique and innovative video for promoting your business as it will definitely help you in attracting traffic to your site.