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5 Luxury Parent and Baby Items That Are Worth The Price Tag!

5 Luxury Parent and Baby Items That Are Worth The Price Tag!

Whilst luxury baby items aren’t for everyone, for some parents, it is exactly what they want for their children. There are many benefits to more high-end luxury items such as durability and quality, although with that comes a large price tag. These luxury baby items are perfect whether you’re treating yourself to something as a new parent or you’re buying a baby shower gift. Explore these ideas for inspiration when it comes to luxury baby items! 

Food Processor, Blender, Cooker and Heater For Weaning

Although buying newborn items is important, it is also a good idea to think about ways you can prepare for when your little one is slightly older. Something that will save you a lot of time is having a luxury baby food maker. These products offer a processor, blender, cooker and heater all in one machine, meaning you will save a significant amount of time. Not only this, but the all in one system means you can also save time on washing up! 

You can chop up your little ones’ favourite fruits or veggies, put them into the all-in-one processor and have delicious and nutritious purees ready in no time. On many of these machines, you can also select how blended you want them, so you can increasingly make them slightly less smooth to help your little one transition towards fully solid foods. Experiment with different foods and textures to find what your baby loves! Although baby led weaning is becoming increasingly popular, many parents choose to spoon feed their baby at least partially, so this machine could help massively. 

Spend some time over the weekend bulk making a few different things and simply freeze them in dated packets for use at a later date. Take a packet out of the freezer and put it into the fridge the night before it will be eaten, and simply reheat it in the machine. Weaning can be a stressful time for both you and your baby, so this machine can make life much easier. 

Designer Baby Changing Bags

Many people think it is excessive to spend a lot of money on designer baby changing bags, yet they can be a great addition that make life much easier. Firstly, they are likely to be fantastic quality, so they will last for years, meaning they can be a great investment.

Additionally, many designer baby changing bags don’t look like your typical bag, so you will look amazing and feel even better. The convenient compartments will definitely come in handy as your children get older, meaning that you can continue to look great and stay organised with your reliable baby changing bag.  

Although overall the cost will be slightly more, it is far more sustainable and convenient to have one bag last you years, rather than having to get a new bag every year or so when your old one starts to weaken or look scruffy. This is a fantastic investment that will last for a large part of your little one’s childhood, to keep you looking and feeling your absolute best. 

Motorised Cradle

We love cuddling our little ones, however as a new parent you are likely to have plenty of things you’d like to get on with without worrying that your baby is unsafe or not soothed. So, investing in a motorised cradle will help you to be productive whilst knowing your little one is content. 

You can safely secure your baby into the cradle and set it to a preferred setting. If you are cleaning out a particular room for example, you can set up the cradle in one corner so you can keep your eye on the baby but also get on with what you need to. The cradle will gently rock the baby and help them to feel soothed. Many high-end motorised cradles can also be paired with your mobile device to play soothing sounds. 

Having a motorised cradle will make life so much easier for you, as you can rest in the knowledge that your little one is safe and happy whilst you can also be productive. 

A High-Tech Baby Monitor

For new parents, having a reliable baby monitor can put their minds at rest and help them to get a good night’s sleep (until the baby wakes them up again). So, buying a high-tech baby monitor is a fantastic luxury baby item that can help to keep your baby safe. Look for a monitor that can clip directly onto the cot to make sure you have a clear view of the baby! 

The best monitors on the market will be connected to an app on your phone which is so convenient. New technologies are utilising AI detection to identify when the baby’s face is covered, if they are in danger, when they are crying and also auto photo capture to get some adorable shots! 

Try to find a baby monitor with good quality night vision, so you can have a clear view of your little one all through the night. You can even find monitors with built in lullabies to help soothe  and encourage your baby to sleep independently! This can make a big difference when it comes to how much sleep you are able to get as parents and reducing stress. Whether you are buying this for yourself or for a loved one, it can make a huge difference to a new parents life to know they have a reliable baby monitor.

Final Thoughts

Whilst these items may require a substantial investment, it will be worth it in terms of the time you save! You could pass on the items to friends or family if you no longer need them, or they can be safely stored for future children. These items are particularly good for group baby shower gifts, so you can buy a luxury gift for a great price! Sometimes making an investment is worth it, especially when it comes to parenting.

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