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5 Web Design Trends That You Need To Be Mindful Of In 2016!

5 Web Design Trends That You Need To Be Mindful Of In 2016!

There are trends that are taking over in the world of web design and we have compiled just the list for you to benefit from it. And don’t worry we’ve only got the best ones!

5 Web Design Trends That You Need To Be Mindful Of In 2016!

1.      Mobile Device Tailoring

Appearance and design of a website cannot be argued with, especially when people are now accessing them on their tablets and smartphones. Even surfing the web is carried out on mobile devices or in other words, ‘on-the-go’

Hence the compatibility of your website on these devices should be optimized. Optimization could refer to all the resolution and display sizes that there are to cater the mobile users need to browse the web. An old website interface is likely to turn people away.

To start off, perform a full optimization scan of your website because if you don’t wake up, it might become too late for you to get back in the game. It is reported that about 60% of website traffic was accessed via mobile phones back in 2014.

2.      Run-of-the-Mill Websites

Another thing to look out for in 2016 is website responsiveness. The response time of a website is an integral part of its design. So make sure to work towards an efficient and easy approach. A classic example is of WordPress (WP) where you can put your mettle to test by playing around with its model. Quite simple actually!

Although, it offers numerous themes and a wide variety of them but they all kinda feel similar. On the plus side, you have the convenience of navigation at your disposal while with harmonized models, however, at the same time an element of familiarity which will put off some people due to nothing being truly distinct.

Irrespective of its themes, a lot of customization options are available for the developers from WordPress. The case in point here is that trying to keep things plain is a double edged sword and can get tricky. But the right amount of balance can keep your website at the top of its game.

In general, with simplistic designs comes the risk of privacy and vulnerability to hacks because not very intricate security measures are in place. So, like I said a double-edged sword.

3.      Sliders

Sliders used to be the thing at one time but in 2016, you might want to reconsider its inclusion on your website. It has been said that the feature of sliders is being overdone. And you know what that means, no more sliders.

And since visitors/people are not giving two cents about your sidebar and are seemingly getting past it, it’s bad for SEO reasons as well. So beware!

4.     Complex Graphics

To WOW people is one thing but to stuff it with too many graphics that it increases the load time of your website is a huge downer. Logically speaking, if you include high-end graphics on your website, it will take a while for your site to load and show up. People making searches on-the-go expect seamless load times.

This is no way implies that you shouldn’t incorporate any graphics. In fact, visuals and formatting add to the overall website feel but learn to distinguish between what will/will not adversely affect your website and in turn, drive traffic away. Slow and steady wins the runs does not apply here.

5.     Parallax Scrolling

Another bummer to watch out for in 2016 is foreground and background scrolling at varying speeds. It may be cool but not 2016 cool. See it normally boggles the mind of the visitor as two things are moving at different rates. Hard to focus is all.

Results, it slows down your website and is considered a no-no in the SEO books. Furthermore, it involves additional coding at the backend. Better to avoid eh?

Hope the above trends get you the desired traffic that you so direly seek in 2016.

Author Bio: Ashley Albert is Web Designer at Custom assignment help UK, a part-time blogger and a foodie (not part time). She can be sought via his Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ social media profiles.