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6 Handy Books On Personal Finance!

6 Handy Books On Personal Finance!

Personal finance is a subject of financial management which enables any individual to manage their finances. So if you are having serious issues with managing your money then we are here to help you with the following best-sellers in personal finance:

1. The Millionaire Next Door” By Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Dankos

A must read for the people who goof up with their personal accounts. Written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, this book throws light on the tips & tricks you need to know while sorting out your expenses or making a financial plan.

1. The Investment Answer

This book has treasures of knowledge and insights into how investors can utilize capitalization based on five major decisions. It is personal favorite of the likes of Golden Murray and Daniel Goldie. The good thing about this book is that you can easily understand the gist of each of its chapter as it does not use too technical words or complicated theories the readers struggle to drill down.

2. Psych yourself Rich” By Farnoosh Torabi

This is yet another gem for the people searching quick financial solutions. This book tells you exactly the relationship between you and money as well as unravels the emotional connection that influences your financial decisions.

This masterpiece by Farnoosh Torabi unlocks the emotional facets that affect your ability to make rational financial decision. Read it if you make impulsive financial decisions that often result in waste of money.

3. I will Teach You To Be Rich” By Ramit Sethi

One thing is so sure that you will not get bored while reading this exciting book. It is the book written by Ramit Sethi, which you should also consider reading for personal financial management.

The six-week program is the USP of this book as it enables you to ensure better financial management for you which will reap better financial outcomes in future.

4. Debt-Free by 30” By Jason Anthony

This book teaches you the art of managing your debt. So if you are indebted to the people, the insightful tips in the book can come to your rescue. It inculcates in you the smart ways of making extra money to pay your debt much faster.

In addition, you will learn about health insurance, car financing and much more. Written by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck, this book definitely deserves a place in your bookshelf.

5. The Total Money Makeover” By Dave Ramsey

While reading out this book, you will get to know some really fantastic hacks regarding saving money, getting rid of mortgage and investing the finances. This book can really help you out in establishing the financial prosperity in your life.

All these above-mentioned are some prominent books, which guide you precisely for personal finance. While digging them out thoroughly, you will find them teaching you to be more conscious to save money and spend them in the right manner. As you really become good at both of them then nothing can stop you to ensure highly effective personal financial management.

6. Your Money Or Your Life” By Vicki Robin

Vicki Robin astutely disregards the popular notion that frugality leads limits your pleasures of life. In this book, he cleverly draws the analogy of how spending more can deteriorate your financial balance and leave you with debts.

This book tells you the value of living a thrifty life and how it benefits you financially in the long run. Read this book if you want to get out of your extravagant lifestyle.

The aforementioned are 6 best books that can guide you in making right financial decisions and achieving the financial freedom that everyone aspired for.

Author Bio

Naomi Davidson is a Senior Editor. She is a bookworm and has a collection of myriads of books in her personal library. She is also an expert writer who renders essay writing online facilities. She has also authored few books that deal in financial management, financial literacy, and personal finance. You can reach him via Google+.