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AVG Removal Tool Free Download-Uninstall AVG Antivirus

When we are using our computer we all are aware of the fact that we need to protect it from the malicious threats such as malware, spyware, adware and various other viruses. The very moment we power on our computer we become prone to all these threats and if our system is not protected well then within a few minutes or may be less than that our system will start behaving in an uncanny way. This will tell us that our computer has been infected with a virus already. Nobody wants to get into this situation as there are loads of sensitive information stored in the system and if they get into the wrong hands then it will be a huge problem. So, it is better that we take care of the matter beforehand and protect our system well from visrus which can be cured from antivirus software.

AVG Removal Tool Free Download-Uninstall AVG Antivirus

If you want to remove it with the help of tool, then you will get AVG Removal Tool Free Download easily on the internet.

What is an AVG Removal Tool?

What happens when we are trying to uninstall manually? For so many years people have been doing it manually so why all of a sudden there is a requirement of Removal Tool! There are so many questions in the mind of people which need to be answered. Though they are using the tool, but they are not sure why it is so important. When you remove it manually and then install the latest version, then you must have faced several error messages saying that you need to uninstall the earlier version first! You must be wondering that you already uninstalled it few moments back still why you are getting this message! Even when you are removing the antivirus from the Control Panel itself, then also there are traces which are left in the system like settings files, registry keys, installation files, user settings, etc. So it becomes very important that you remove all these traces before installing a fresh version of the antivirus.

If you have any AVG product that you want to remove then you can easily take the help of this AVG removal tool. If you have an AVG Antivirus Free, AVG Antivirus, AVG Internet Security and AVG Premium Security on your system, then you can use this tool to uninstall them. While you are using this tool, it will remove everything related to AVG and then will ask you to restart the computer so to be on a safer side take proper backups before you carry on with the process. The restart takes place in order to successfully finish the cleaning process and uninstall AVG antivirus.

How to download and use the AVG Removal tool

Now when we have an idea about why this removal tool is required, therefore let’s get started with the downloading process:

  • You have to download the AVG Removal tool first which is totally free. While downloading, you have to remember whether you are downloading to 32bit or 64bit windows because then you have to select the software separately.
  • The file will be downloaded within no time and then you have to extract the file to install all the program on your system
  • Now follow the instructions that appear on screen. You will be able to get through the process as  easily as the instructions are self explanatory.
  • Once you accept license agreement the installation process will get completed
  • Now you will get a pop up window stating that you are about to remove the AVG Antivirus
  • Select Yes, remove AVG so that the uninstall process gets going. Once you click on that the tool will start removing AVG antivirus and when everything has been cleaned up completely the computer will get restarted to ensure that everything is properly wiped out.
  • When your computer is powered back on you will find no traces of AVG anymore

Now you will be able to download the latest version of the AVG antivirus and keep your computer protected from external threats.